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Information Update #32 October 23, 2014

Reviewing the Facts of U.S. Steel’s Bankruptcy Protection

No one dreamed that any company could create a more farcical bankruptcy case than Stelco’s back in 2004. For those who are not familiar with it, Stelco, while under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) enjoyed quarter after quarter of record profits. But just maybe U.S. Steel has surpassed Stelco in self-serving CCAA lunacy. read more


Local 1005 USW held a contract ratification vote on October 22, 2014. The membership was informed of the details of the agreement on October 15, 2014. After one week of discussing whether it was in their interest to accept the tentative agreement, the membership voted to accept the contract by 86 %. 77 % of the membership turned out to vote.

INFORMATION UPDATE #31 October 16, 2014

Tentative Agreement for Hamilton Works

On October 15, Local 1005 USW held a membership meeting to inform its members and retirees about the tentative agreement for a new contract reached with USS the previous day. Following a brief presentation by President Rolf Gerstenberger, workers present gave their views, asked questions and exchanged opinions on both the tentative agreement and the CCAA fraud before the courts.

If ratified by the workers, the contract would be a stand-pat two-and-a-half- year Basic Agreement, effective from the date of receipt by the Company of written notice of ratification from the Union until March 31, 2017. A vote on the tentative agreement has been called for October 22, 2014.

In brief, the terms of the Renewal Basic Agreement “shall include the terms of the Basic Agreement which will expire on October 15, 2014, the terms of the Pension Agreement, the terms of the Group Insurance Agreement, and the terms of the Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Plan; subject to the amendments of those various Agreements and Plans as set out in the attached Memorandum of Settlement.” To read the Memorandum of Settlement, go to the Union website: read more

Memorandum of Agreement Presented to Members October 15, 2014

To view the details of the tentative agreement click on the link below

read more

Local 1005 Press Release October 14, 2014


Local 1005 USW informs you that a tentative agreement has been reached between Local 1005 USW and U.S. Steel Canada for a new contract. The current contract expires tomorrow, October 15, 2014.

The tentative agreement will be presented to the 1005 membership and retirees at the Membership Meeting to be held on October 15, 2014 at 4:15 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 163, located at 435 Limeridge road east.

No information about the tentative agreement will be provided to the media until after it has been provided to the membership.

The Tentative agreement will be put to a vote on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.

Your Negotiating Committee Local 1005 USW

INFORMATION UPDATE #30 October 9, 2014

Ontario Superior Court Approves U.S. Steel’s Control of Debtor-in-Possession

Facility and Extends Creditor Protection

On October 8, the Ontario Superior Court approved the application of U.S. Steel to receive Debtor-in-Possession(DIP) financing from itself based on its own claim that USS Canada has no more money to run its operations and is insolvent. How this accounting was managed when USSC is wholly owned by USS which is far from insolvent will reveal itself in time. It is one of the issues Local 1005 USW has protested since it received the announcement that USSC had filed for bankruptcy protection. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #29 October 8, 2014

Our Response Is Just

Local 1005 USW contends that steelworkers and retirees are not responsible for wrecking Stelco production and restructuring should not be carried out on their backs. Nor are the City or Province or small Canadian suppliers. U.S. Steel must meet its Canadian obligations in full. read more

Membership Meeting Has Been Rescheduled

Due to CCAA Court proceedings toady in Toronto @ 3:15pm we have rescheduled our October Membership meeting from today to October 15, 2014 @4:15

INFORMATION UPDATE #28 October 7, 2014

Conflicts of Interest in U.S. Steel’s CCAA

As of October 7, some 26 law firms and some 52 lawyers are involved in the bankruptcy proceedings of U.S. Steel. Plus, a “Monitor” and all kinds of other hangers-on are guaranteed huge salaries, expense accounts and bonuses. All of them are churning out pages and pages of motions, briefs and affidavits. The list serve for just the lawyers alone to which all court documents must be sent goes on for some 15 pages. All of these law firms charge exor-bitant fees. Workers come across as just an itty bitty part of this even though we are the workers, past and present, who have created all of the Company’s wealth, which is being distributed to all kinds of people with such largesse. read more

Press Release October 6, 2014

Local 1005 USW Outside the Court House in Toronto October 6

U.S. Steel has plenty of money to pay lawyers and bonuses and share- holder dividends but claims poverty when it comes to its obligations towards the steelworkers, the City of Hamilton, the Province and Canadians,” Rolf Gerstenberger, President of Local 1005 told Information Update. read more

Information Update # 27

Reject this CCAA with Contempt!

Local 1005 condemns in no uncertain terms the CCAA bankruptcy filed by U.S. Steel on September 16. It creates a very serious situation for active and retired Canadian steelworkers and their union, the United Steelworkers (USW), as well as the locals directly involved, Local 1005 USW at Hamilton Works and Local 8287 USW at Lake Erie Works. This CCAA filing also directly affects present and former salaried employees of the company, the citizens of Hamilton and their Municipal Council, and the Province of Ontario. read more

CCAA Information Meeting

At our Thursday meeting this week @ 4:00pm Ken Rosenberg from the firm PALIARE ROLAND ROSENBERG ROTHSTEIN LLP will be available to answer questions regarding the CCAA process. Ken is one of the lawyers that are representing the USW during the CCAA process.

INFORMATION UPDATE #26 September 25, 2014

U.S. Steel’s September 16 Press Release Is U.S. Steel Bankrupt?

U.S. Steel announced on September 16, that its Canadian subsidiary has applied for relief from its creditors pursuant to Canada’s Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA). A USS press release says, “As a result of the CCAA filing, U.S. Steel has determined that U.S. Steel Canada and its subsidiaries will be deconsolidated from U.S. Steel’s financial statements on a prospective basis effective as of the date of the CCAA filing.” read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #25 September 19, 2014

Local 1005 USW Press Conference

On September 18, 2014 a press conference was held at Local 1005 USW’s union hall in Hamilton. Local 1005 President Rolf Gerstenberger presented the views of Local 1005 on the September 16 Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) filing by U.S. Steel Canada, followed by questions from members of the media. The press conference was attended by 110 workers and pensioners along with Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina and Hamilton East Stoney Creek MPP Paul Miller. The media were represented by the Hamilton Spectator, CHCH-TV, CBC-Hamilton, and TML Daily. By request of workers present, Information Update is publishing the transcript of the presentation by Rolf Gerstenberger, very slightly abridged by the author. read more

Information mailed out to all USSC Employees and Pensioners

USSC will be mailing documents to all Employees and Pensioners due to disclosure agreements about CCAA from a previous Court Decision (INDALEX). The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that when a company is the administrator of their own pension plan they have a fiduciary duty to notify all plan members of the CCAA filing, so that all members have the opportunity to present their legal arguments.

These notices are being sent to you as a legal requirement to provide you with notice of their CCAA filing and to advise you of the upcoming court hearing to be held in Toronto on October 6, 2014.

In the notice USSC encourages you to obtain legal and/or financial advice. Local 1005 and the USW have their own legal team to defend the rights of all active and retired members.

At this time during the CCAA process all employees will continue to be paid their wages on their usual pay dates. Contributions to group RRSP will continue as will all benefits. As for all retirement benefits they will be continued to be paid as normal.

For further information please call the Union Hall @ 905 547 1417.

INFORMATION UPDATE #24 September 18, 2014

Local 1005 USW Appeals to the Court of Public Opinion

Oppose U.S. Steel’s Phony CCAA!

Let Us Together Take a Stand in Defence of the Dignity of Labour, Decency,

Upright Behaviour and the Right Thing to Do!

Do not Permit Canada to be Trampled in the Mud by U.S. Steel!

Local 1005 condemns in no uncertain terms this phony CCAA bankruptcy filed by U.S. Steel on September 16. It creates a very serious situation for active and retired Canadian steelworkers and their union, the United Steelworkers(USW), as well as the locals directly involved, Local 1005 USW at Hamilton Works and Local 8287 USW at Lake Erie Works. This phony CCAA filing also directly affects present and former salaried employees of the company, the citizens of Hamilton and their Municipal Council, and the Province of Ontario. read more

Restructuring Document Center

click on the link below to view legal documents that have been submitted for CCAA

read more

Local 1005 USW

Press Release at 4:15 pm

Thursday September 18, 2014

Local 1005 response to US Steel CCAA Filing

At Union Hall 350 Kenilworth Avenue North L8H 4T3

Downstairs Meeting Room

read more


Friday October 17, 2014

St. Nicholas Orthodox Hall

1415 Barton Street East

Hamilton, Ontario

Doors Open at 6:00 PM-Dinner served at 7:30 PM

$20 in ADVANCE OR $25 at the Door

Jim Whitlock 905-573-0024

Tom Haylock 905-388-0374

Tony Bernar 905-575-9635

Terry Aussem 905-627-77815

Doug Burke 905-389-7875

Please pay by Cheque made out to:

“Bar Mill Reunion Club”

By September 30, 2014

Send Cheque to

Jim Whitlock

51 Yorkdale Cres., Stoney Creek

ON L8J 1E4

Celebration of Life

For a Recently passed away member

ALEX “crooked business” Krucovicius

Wednesday September 24, 2014 5Pm-8Pm


Touch Down Pub formerly the Dizzy Weasel

912 Barton St East

USW Local 1005 Annual Dinner/Dance

December 19/2014

The dinner/dance will be held at Michelangelo’s Banquet Centre, 1555 Upper Ottawa Street (near Rymal), Hamilton, Ontario.

Tickets are available at Local 1005 USW Union Hall at 350 Kenilworth Ave. North, Hamilton, ON. (starting September 8th).

Doors Open/Cash Bar @ 5:30 p.m.

& Dinner @ 7:00 p.m.

This occasion will be a great night of celebration for everyone attending. Hope to see you there.

INFORMATION UPDATE #23 September 1, 2014

Local 1005 USW Labour Day Statement

Local 1005 USW wishes all active and retired members and all Hamilton and District working people the very best this Labour Day. This year, once again, we do not know what the future holds for us. Labour Day finds us in an increasingly precarious situation.

At U.S. Steel, the current executive managers have turned their “war on costs” into a veritable crusade called the Carnegie Way with steelworkers and salaried employees in the crosshairs. It is based on one of the most backward positions the financial oligarchs and ruling circles push today – the charge that workers who in fact produce all the wealth society depends on for its living are “a cost of production.” It is a great assault on the dignity of labour, which is incessantly attacked and targeted for abuse and even elimination. read more

Join the Hamilton Labour Day Parade!

September 1, 2014

Gather at 9:00 am at Queen and York Street in Hamilton. Parade leaves at 10:30 am

Barbeque at Dundurn Park after the parade



17th Annual Field Force Reunion

Friday, September 19th, 2014

St. Nicholas Parish Hall

260 Melvin Avenue

(between Parkdale & Woodward Ave.)

* Cold deli buffet *

*  Door prizes  *

*  Cash bar  *

$10 at the door

Doors open at 6

* * * * * * *

Please get the word out to all retirees !

Information Update #22 August 7, 2014

What Is US Steel Up To?

The Company’s Canadian subsidiary U. S. Steel Canada, Inc. continues to experience losses and is exploring

options to improve its performance which may include some form of restructuring. - USS 10-Q for Second Quarter.

On July 30, 2014, during the U.S. Steel Conference Call for the Q2 results, Evan Kutz, from Morgan Stanley asked the CEO of US Steel Mario Longhi, a question about the profitability of the Canadian Operation. “Can you say if that business is currently generating a profit or is it loss making? Kutz asked. “Unfortunately it’s not generating a profit,” Longhi answered. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #21 July 31, 2014

Local 1005 USW Holds Information Meeting

The Information Meeting held by Local 1005 USW on July 17 was attended by more than 1100 Local 1005 members and pensioners. The meeting began with a presentation by President Rolf Gerstenberger titled“Challenges Facing Canada’s Steel Industry and the Options Before Us.” Starting with the present, the presentation traced what has happened to Hamilton’s steelworkers since Stelco was purchased by U.S. Steel in 2007, which led to systematic destruction of steelmaking capacity. read more




For the past while, U.S. Steel has been talking about plans to restructure its Canadian operations. Meanwhile, U.S. Steel’s agreement with the federal government under the Canada Investment Act and the pension agreement with the Ontario government both expire at the end of 2015. The workers still know nothing about the former and the latter, as it currently reads, falls short of meeting the requirements of Ontario pension law. Nonetheless, the issue for steelworkers, salaried employees and pensioners at both Hamilton and Lake Erie Works, as well as all Hamiltonians and Canadians, is what to expect and what they can do about it. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #19 July 10, 2014

Local 1005 USW Information Meeting

Thursday, July 17 – 4:00 pm

Michelangelo’s Banquet Centre, 1555 Upper Ottawa

Information and Discussion on:
• Challenges Facing Canada’s Steel Industry and the Options Before Us

• Local 1005 Contract Negotiation Proposals

read more

U.S. Steel Pays $58 Million to Settle Complaint Price Fixing and Collusion

U.S. Steel has agreed in an Illinois federal court to pay $58 million to settle a complaint that it colluded with others to inflate steel prices. U.S. Steel also agreed to provide specific information to the court implicating other steel companies in the collusion to fix prices. read more


The Wrecking of Stelco and the Pension Funds

U.S. Steel is making a big deal about how bad Hamilton and the Lake have been for their bottom line. With this, it is going on the attack to cloud the obvious or what is really going on. U.S. Steel has been exporting its problems into Canada. The exporting into Canada of the problems of the U.S. economy generally is a trend. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #17 June 16, 2014

On June 10, Max Aicher North America (MANA) procured a court in­junction to impede the ability of our brothers at MANA to effectively defend their rights in the year old dispute be­tween MANA and Local 1005 more


Steelworkers Participate in 31st Annual Injured Workers’ Day

Justice for Injured Workers! No to Austerity!

Steelworkers joined injured workers on Sunday, June 1 to mark the 31st annual Injured Workers’ Day with a sober statement rejecting the government’s destruction of protection for injured workers. The new arrangements hand over the fate of injured workers to the private insurance companies whose main job is to cut off their benefits. The spirited action, with many creative presentations, made clear workers’ tenacity to fight the government’s anti-worker austerity agenda, including the WSIB’s stepped up denial of compensation. read more

Information Update #15 May 29, 2014

MANA 1005 Members Locked Out 11 Months

Concessions Are Not Solutions! All Out to Support Their Just Cause!

Local 1005 Members at Max Aicher North America (MANA), formerly Stelco Bar and Billet Mill, have been locked out by the Company since June 2013 – that is 11 months and counting. Even before that, these workers have suffered at the hands of this privately-owned German company since it took over in November2010, a Union press release points out. read more

The Education Fund of Local 1005, U.S.W. is offering one (1) award of $1,005.00 for the John Lennie Scholarship and one (1) $1,005.00 award for the Jake Isbister Scholarship and one (1) $1,005.00 award for the Jimmy Lomax Scholarship to students, in Ontario.

The conditions of these scholarships are: a) previous winners are not eligible b) the scholarships shall be awarded only to sons and daughters of members, of Local 1005, United Steelworkers.

Recipients of scholarships must be prepared to show their level of education is sufficient to allow admittance to an approved institution of higher education, such as university, technological institute, teacher's college, nursing school, etc.

The student must complete an application form which must be mailed to Education Chairperson, Local 1005, U.S.W., 350 Kenilworth Ave. N., Hamilton, Ontario L8H 4T3.

The application form is to be submitted no later than JUNE 30TH, 2014, and must be accompanied by an essay, dealing with one of the following topics;

Application forms available at the Union Hall

read more


Local 1005 sent a delegation to the Canadian Labour Congress’ 27th Convention in Montreal, May 5-9. The theme for this year’s convention was “Together Fairness Works.” It was said to be one of the largest ever conventions but this included 2,000 delegates bussed in for the vote for President on Thursday.

read more



Local 1005 Members at MANA formerly Stelco Bar and Billet Mill have been locked out by the company since June 2013. However, the workers have suffered at the hands of this privately owned Germany Company since it took over in Nov 2010. The workers have not produced anything for over two years and have endured layoffs and short work weeks. The company is demanding huge concessions including an $8- 10 dollar an hour wage cut, eliminating the pension plan, eliminating the COLA, and cutting benefits. These numerous draconian concessions are no solution to our Hamilton economy or for the future of this plant and its workforce.

Furthermore, the Provincial Liberal Government gave this company 9 million dollars of Ontario Tax Payers money. Local 1005 believe a piece of equipment purchased with this money; a Peeler machine has been removed from the plant and taken to Germany! This is not acceptable!


We need you support, these locked out workers who only receive 200 dollars a week in lockout pay!

We cannot allow the Rich to keep destroying our way of life; these Concessions would erase 65 years of bargaining gains.

Please send any donation to Local 1005 MANA Strike Fund so we can defend our Rights.


Rolf Gerstenberger and Tim Blackborow

Contacts for more Information

Tim Blackborow Unit Chairperson 905-547-1417 ext 238

Rolf Gerstenberger President 905-547-1417 ext 225

read more



U.S. Steel’s War Against Costs

The emphasis on what the Carnegie Way calls lowering “costs” gives a distorted picture of the modern economy. Almost all what is labelled as costs is already-produced value that should be fully returned when the commodity is realized. The problems and recurring crises in the steel industry cannot be solved with this war of company profit against costs. Equity or company profit is but one feature of the modern economy and a minor one at best. read more


U.S. Steel’s First Quarter 2014 Earnings Conference Call

Wrecking Does Not Produce Profit

The equity profit of $52-million declared by U.S. Steel in the first quarter of 2014 is almost identical to the $50-million “saved” in the quarter by wrecking Stelco Hamilton Works’ final blast furnace on December 31, 2013. Steelworkers’ work-time and material valued at about$50-million were needed each quarter to idle the furnace. read more

Stelco /US Steel Spring Fling

Friday, May 23, 2014

6:00 p.m.

at the Quad Pad.

Mohawk 4 Ice Centre

710 Mountain Brow Blvd, Hamilton

INFORMATION UPDATE #11 April 24, 2014

National Day of Mourning for Workers Killed, Injured or Made Ill on the Job

On April 28, REMEMBER

As workers, on April 28 we gather to fight for the living and mourn for the dead. Unfortunately, this year it is not difficult for us to remember the recent workplace fatalities at our sister U.S. Steel plants and again at USW Local6500 in Sudbury. Many ask themselves if things are not getting worse instead of better. The statistics released by the Canadian Labour Council point out that deaths caused by workplace incidents over the last 20 years have increased by 29%. That is a lot. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #10 April 17, 2014

U.S. Steel’s Psychological Warfare Against Steelworkers

The sixth edition of U.S. Steel’s The Carnegie Way Connection has appeared. Steelworkers are asking what relevance this material has to their working lives, security and future. In Canada, the question arises whether the Carnegie Way will return steel production to Hamilton, ensure its continuation at Lake Erie Works and assure active and retired steelworkers and salaried employees of their pensions. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #9 April 10, 2014

U.S. Steel’s Confusion over the Carnegie Way

In U.S. Steel’s Connection newsletter touting the “Carnegie Way,” the Company seems to confuse Andrew Carnegie (steel monopolist: 1835-1919) with the famous motivational writer, Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) – “How to Win Friends and Influence People” (1936). Or possibly the executives in charge of the Carnegie Way want a combination of the two: ruthless exploiter and motivational PR writer who takes our mind off reality. read more


U.S. Steel’s Politics of Doom

Since invading Canada in 2007 to seize control of the Stelco steel complex, U.S. Steel has pushed its politics of doom. It has preached the futility of steel production in Hamilton and now even at Lake Erie Works using one phoney pretext after another. U.S. Steel sees the destruction of steel production in Canada as a means to weaken competition for steel production at its plants in the United States, which for many years have had low levels of capacity utilization. read more

When a workplace tragedy occurs, the USW is here to help

The union's Emergency Response Team (ERT) relies on notification from our local unions as quickly as possible following a fatality or catastrophic incident. In the event of a workplace fatality or life-altering injury to any Steelworker, the local should notify its staff representative and the ERT as soon as possible.

Have the victim's name and the USW local number available, as well as the employer's name.

During emergencies call 911.

Emergency Response Team: 1-855-245-9997



Election Results

Elections for Negotiating Committee were held on March 26. Congratulations to the successful candidates: Gary Howe, Dennis Van Meer, Jake Lombardo and Tony McLaughlin. They join President Rolf Gerstenberger who is the Chair of the Negotiating Committee. Once the results are approved by the April membership meeting preparations will begin for negotiations for the contract that expires on October 15, 2014. read more


Boycott Of Carmen’s and Global Spectrum Facilities

The Hamilton and District Labour Council has launched a boycott of Carmen's and its hotel on the mountain, the Hamilton Convention Centre, FirstOntario Centre, and Hamilton Place to support the members of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 772 who, in effect, have been "locked out" by Carmen's from performing work at the Convention Centre. Delegates overwhelmingly approved the recommendation from the Executive Council on March 20, 2014.

INFORMATION UPDATE #6 March 20, 2014

Support Hamilton’s Steel Committee to Find

Solutions to U.S. Steel’s Wrecking!

Hamilton City Council’s Steel Committee continues to hold meetings and hearings on what to do about the decision of U.S. Steel to close down steel production in Hamilton. Ever since U.S. Steel took over Stelco it has reneged on one commitment after another with the help of the federal and provincial governments. In the most self-serving manner, these governments enter into secret agreements to help big business and claim this is good for the economy. But when it comes to actually providing real economic problems with solutions, such as the creation of jobs and protecting pensions, they are nowhere to be found. read more

MANA Workers REJECT Company Blackmail

On March 12, 2014 the members of the MANA unit of Local 1005 USW voted to reject the "final offer" proposal of Max Aicher North America by 85%. 36 workers were eligible to vote and the turnout was 78%. In spite of the fact that all the workers were laid off since November-December 2012, and locked out since June 28, 2013, they rejected the company's demands for huge concessions on wages, benefits, elimination of the pension plan. The last company final offer was rejected by the workers by 73% in June 2013 which led to the company locking the workers out.

2014 Negotiating Committee Nomination Deadline

Friday March 14, 2014

Applications Forms available at the Union Hall

#2 Rod Mill Reunion March 20th 2014 Mohawk Quad Pad Arena

3:00pm - ?

Come Celebrate Annual Norma Berti International Women's Day Breakfast





Pension Statements from US Steel and CIBC Mellon

We have received lots of calls from Pensioners about their T4 statements for Income Tax. This year you will receive two statements one from CIBC Mellon and one from US Steel. Any further questions please call the Union Hall @ 905 547 1417

INFORMATION UPDATE #5 February 13, 2014

Who Will Bear the Responsibility If

MANA Decides to Crater Itself?

In the course of recent contract talks with Max Aicher North America (MANA) it was suggested that if the workers do not accept the latest Company proposal, instead of having 30 jobs, there will be no jobs. According to what the workers are told, this would be the fault of the Union and the workers. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #4 February 6, 2014

U.S. Steel Cuts Back on Salaried Employees

On February 3, U.S. Steel sent out a letter to employees (see text below) claiming it needs to make layoffs in order to be profitable. The jobs which are being eliminated belong to salaried employees at all levels, including foreman, supervisors, secretarial staff and some upper management between Hamilton Works and Lake Erie Works. read more

Monthly Rally to Defeat the Conservatives (Hudak) and the Liberals (Wynne)

Will be held this month in Niagara Falls, Ontario

Friday February 7, 2014 @ 3:15pm the Outlet Mall Parking Lot

7500 Lundy's Lane
Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H 1G8

INFORMATION UPDATE #3 January 30, 2014

U.S. Steel’s Year End Results 2013

Conspiracy to Commit Fraud in the Making

U.S. Steel executives announced on January 28 that the permanent shutdown of steelmaking at Hamilton Works would greatly benefit their U.S. monopoly in 2014. Speaking to the Company’s 2013 year-end results, USS President and CEO Mario Longhi, Executive Vice President and CFO Dave Burritt, and Manager of Investor Relations Dan Lesnak all congratulated their executive decision to wreck steel production at Hamilton Works. They gloated that their decision had boosted capability utilization in their U.S. flat-rolled mills and would result in “cost savings” of over$100-million in 2014. Burrit, in the most boorish manner said: “We have weathered the storms of the last five years and are ready for a profitable 2014. We know we must do better and we are confident that we will. We have a relentless focus on economic profits and are cautiously optimistic we will have better circumstances in 2014. As we earn the right to grow, we are going to make struggling businesses profitable or admit that we can’t and exit them.” read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #2 January 23, 2014

President of Local 1005 Addresses City Council’s Steel Committee

On January 14, Rolf Gerstenberger, President of Local 1005 USW addressed the Steel Committee set up by City Council to deal with the announcement by U.S. Steel that it intends to close the steelmaking department at Hilton Works. Rolf began his presentation by referring to point #1f the Steel Committee’s mandate: Too protect the welfare and best interests of the employees and pensioners of U.S. Steel Hamilton. He explained that Lake Erie requires more than 1 million tons of slabs to run the plant at capacity. Furthermore, Max Aicher North America(MANA) bought its plant from U.S. Steel on the understanding that U.S. Steel would provide it with the more than 300,000 tons of steel it requires from the Hamilton bloom caster. When U.S. Steel shut down the blast furnace in October 4, 2010, one month before it locked the entire workforce out, this caused huge problems for MANA, because it deprived it of the 300,000 tons of quality steel it required. read more

"Terry Whitehead, Councillor for Ward 8 , and member of the City Council Steel Committee will address the Local 1005 Thursday meeting at 3:45 p.m on January 23, 2014."

INFORMATION UPDATE #1 January 16, 2014

U.S. Steel Arrogantly Ignores City’s Steel Committee

Hamilton City Council’s Steel Committee met on January 14, its second meeting after it was reconvened in the wake of U.S. Steel’s October29, 2013 announcement that it would permanently shut down steel-making at Hilton Works by the year-end. Present at the January 14 meeting were Councillor and Committee Chair Scott Duvall, Co-Chair and Councillor Sam Merulla, Mayor Bob Bratina, as well as Councillors Brian McHattie and Terry Whitehead. About 15 retirees and members of Local 1005 attended. The Committee sent invitations to Rolf Gerstenberger, President of Local1005 USW from and Bill Ferguson, President of Local 8782 at Lake Erie. An invitation was also sent to U.S. Steel, but typical of its arrogance towards the workers and community, U.S. Steel could not be bothered to give a reply or acknowledgement. read more

Councillor Brian Mchattie will be addressing the January 16th Thursday meeting to discuss the latest actions of US Steel and what can be done.

Information Update #41 December 12, 2013

Mayor Bob Bratina Speaks at Thursday Meeting

Vigorous Discussion on What Can

Be Done to Protect Steelworkers

and the Community

Mayor Bob Bratina addressed Local 1005’s Thursday Meeting on December 5 about U.S. Steel’s decision to close down steelmaking and what can be done about it. In his opening remarks, the Mayor outlined that the Steel Committee that was established by City Council is working out its mandate. There is concern about the spin off effect of U.S. Steel announcing the shutting down of steelmaking in Hamilton, issues around the Investment Canada Act (ICA) and what precisely are the arrangements that end in 2015, what promises were made to the federal government, and what effect all this will have on the municipality. And then there is the huge impact that the pension issue will have on the city. There is also the issue of what happens to the Stelco lands. There is a big demand for industrial land (zone K, heavy industry). The taxes the city receives from heavy industrial land are greater than what it receives from commercial property. Looking back, someone gave permission for the old Stelco to fill in the bay where a large part of the plant is located. read more

Thank You To Everyone

From The Executive Of USW Local 1005


INFORMATION UPDATE #40 December 5, 2013

City Council’s Steel Committee Talks to Stelco Workers

On November 28, the Co-chair of Hamilton City Council’s Steel Committee, Councillor Sam Merulla, attended Local 1005’s Thursday Meeting. He participated at the request of President Rolf Gerstenberger to address the meeting and to listen to the concerns of the workers and retirees regarding U.S. Steel’s announcement that the blast furnace and steelmaking will not be starting up. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #39 November 28, 2013

Local 1005 USW Attends OFL Convention

A Local 1005 USW delegation led by President Rolf Gerstenberger along with Max Aicher North America (MANA) Unit Chair Tim Blackborow were at the OFL Convention this week. Many delegates were eager to talk to us about U.S. Steel’s announced closure of steel-making in Canada and the refusal of both the federal and provincial governments to protect Canadian industry. Workers from all sectors of the economy are also upset about the closure of the Heinz factory in Leamington. They are particularly upset about the excuses the federal and provincial governments use to justify doing nothing. They say they cannot intervene in private business decisions when clearly they give out a lot of public money to various powerful monopolies as well as to privatize the delivery of public services. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #38 November 21, 2013

The Government Has the Responsibility to Defend the People of Ontario

Keep Stelco Producing!

On Saturday, November 16, steelworkers demonstrated in front of the constituency office of David Sweet, MP for Ancaster - Dundas - Flamborough - Westdale following which we distributed Information Update to the people of Dundas many of whose lives are tied with our own.

Since 2010, Sweet has been Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology which seems to be totally ineffective and carry out no social responsibilities whatsoever despite the wrecking of manufacturing Canada-wide. This is unacceptable. Given the growing need to defend the Hamilton region and Ontario from the wrecking of manufacturing and the theft of pensions sweeping the province we demand better. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #37 November 14, 2013

Voices Raised Over U.S. Steel’s Attack Against Hamilton

Many voices are condemning U.S. Steel’s unilateral action to shut down steelmaking permanently at Hilton Works. Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina said, “My first concern is for the security of U.S. Steel employees and their pensioners (in Hamilton).”

Hamilton City Council steel committee met in an urgent session on November 7 to discuss the matter. Members of the committee Sam Merulla, Scott Duvall, Terry Whitehead and Bernie Morelli all expressed their profound concern for steelworkers, pensioners and the city’s economy.

Councillor Scott Duvall, the committee’s chair said, “I think the main focus here is what this can do to our city.” read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #36 November 7, 2013

Catch Me If You Can

The latest announcement from US Steel that they are to permanently shut down Steelmaking in Hamilton is another example of their arrogance towards Canada as a whole. On July17th 2009, the Government of Canada, through the Minister of Industry, commenced legal proceedings against United States Steel Corporation (“US Steel”), alleging that it failed to honour certain commitments given in connection with preserving jobs and production levels in Canada. The commitments – referred to as undertakings under Canada’s Investment Act – were given by US Steel to secure the approval of the government for its 2007 takeover of Stelco Inc., which operated steel-making facilities in Ontario. They claimed they had done nothing wrong legally as they have the right to run their business as they see fit regardless of the commitments they made to the Canadian government. (Catch me if you can). read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #35 October 31, 2013

Are We a Country or Not!?

On behalf of present and former members of Local 1005 USW, I wish to express deep regret and anger at the announced permanent closure of steelmaking at Hilton Works which has been in operation our entire lives and has made Hamilton what it is today.

This is a dagger into the heart and soul of our community. The hand on this poisonous blade stretches from Pittsburgh but it has been guided into our chest by the federal and Ontario governments. They have the power to say no to this attack on Canada’s economy. They have the power to beat back this invasion of destructive robber barons whose private self-interest has nothing good to offer Canada. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #33 October 17, 2013

Lockout at MANA

Max Aicher Removes Equipment from Hamilton Plant

German steel monopoly Max Aicher has begun to remove equipment from its Hamilton plant where it has locked out its workers for refusing an outrageous wage cut of 30 per cent, amounting to wage cuts of $7 to $11 an hour, elimination of the cost of living allowance, replacing the pension plan with a savings plan, meaning that no one will have security in retirement, as well as reductions in benefits and other concessions. This should be illegal as should the pressure it puts on the MANA workers to accept outrageous wages, benefits and working conditions. There is nothing “fair” about this so-called fair collective bargaining regime but still MANA blames the workers for its own failures. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #34 October 24, 2013

Is U.S. Steel Preparing to Declare Bankruptcy in Canada?

Hamilton steelworkers are experienced in the way companies prepare conditions when they want to do something in their own narrow interest. No one can forget the screaming about a “liquidity crisis” from Stelco executives in late 2003 and into 2004, as they sought to enter bankruptcy protection even though the first two quarters of2004 gave rise to record profits. At any rate, bankruptcy protection did nothing to address the root problems in Canada’s steel industry; it made them worse. The result was the foreign takeover of Stelco by U.S. Steel and constant stripping of assets and wrecking of Stelco’s mills and their production capacity and open extortion of steelworkers for concessions. read more


INFORMATION UPDATE #32 October 10, 2013

Monthly Rally at Hudak’s Office

Opposes Austerity Agenda and Attacks on Workers’ Rights

On October 4, workers from the Hamilton and Niagara areas held the latest monthly rally at PC Leader Tim Hudak’s constituency office in Beamsville. These rallies are part of the ongoing opposition to the phony austerity agenda championed by the Liberals and PCs and the anti-worker whitepapers and legislation put forward by the PCs. The Hamilton and Niagara District Labour Councils and Local 1005 USW call on everyone to take a stand and join in! Contact Local 1005 for details about the next rally in November. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #31 October 3, 2013

Concern About U.S. Steel’s Apparent Failure to Fully Fund the Pension Plan

U.S. Steel’s “Guarantee” when It Bought Stelco

As Information Update indicated in its last issue, U.S. Steel gave it full assurances that it would guarantee the pension obligations it acquired when it bought Stelco. The sale of Stelco to U.S. Steel was endorsed by Justice Pepall on November 1, 2007. In his endorsement, Section5, Justice Pepall writes: U.S. Steel is providing an irrevocable and unconditional guarantee of Stelco’s pension funding obligations under its Pension Agreement and will also arrange for Stelco to make a voluntary contribution of $32.5 million in aggregate to Stelco’s four largest pension plans.” read more

Thank You to everyone that gave at the gate collection for our Brothers and Sisters at MANA we collected $5,190.00.

INFORMATION UPDATE #30 September 26, 2013

Concern About U.S. Steel’s Apparent

Failure to Fully Fund the Pension Plan

The Pension Agreement which binds U.S. Steel was originally effective as of March 31, 2006. That was before U.S. Steel bought Stelco. It stipulated Stelco’s obligations which included putting $400 million into the four pension plans, and making $65 million in payments for five years and then $70 million a year payment for five years into the four pension plans. These obligations were endorsed by Judge Farley in the Federal Superior Court. read more




INFORMATION UPDATE #29 September 19, 2013

MANA Workers Stand Firm Against Blackmail and Extortion

The workers employed by Max Aicher North America (MANA) have been locked out since June 28, 2013. Their cause is our cause. They refused to accept the company demands to cut their wages by $10 an hour, eliminate the COLA, eliminate the pension plan and severely reduce the benefits along with other concessions. The company then locked out the workers in an act of blatant extortion. It must not pass! read more


Wednesday September 25, 2013

Wilcox and Gage Gates


Please Give Generously Support our Brothers and Sisters

Any questions contact the Union Hall @ 905 547 1417

Information Update #28 September 12, 2013

A large contingent from Local1005 USW participated in the annual Labour Day Parade in Hamilton which drew a crowd of 3,000. Steelworkers from Local 8782 USW also participated. Workers and their unions from many sectors of the economy were present including steelworkers, ironworkers, postal workers, teachers and education workers, construction trades and public sector workers. Injured workers organized by the Hamilton Injured Workers Group participated as did anti-poverty groups and others fighting for social justice.

A rally at the Federal Building on Bay St. to oppose the war mongering against Syria was organized by the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, timed to reach all the workers in the parade. The parade concluded with a picnic at Dundurn Park. read more

LOCAL 1005 Annual Christmas Dinner Dance

Friday December 20, 2013

Michelangelo’s Banquet Centre

1555 Upper Ottawa St. Hamilton, Ontario

Tickets @ Union Hall $20 each

read more

Rally Against Austerity Agenda?

Monthly picket at Tim Hudak's Office: Friday, September 6, 2013 @ 3:30 p.m.

4961 King St. East, Beamsville


Telecommunications Workers Union and United

Steelworkers Announce Merger Agreement

BURNABY, BC and TORONTO, 29 August 2013 - The Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU) and the United Steelworkers (USW) have arrived at a tentative merger agreement to bring together the membership of the two unions.

The merger would join the TWU, representing close to 13,000 members working in telecommunications, cable TV and call centre locations in Canada, with the USW, representing 225,000 members in all aspects of the economy.

The merger agreement includes strong commitments to support bargaining ,membership education, legislative action and bringing in new members in the telecom sector and has been unanimously endorsed by the TWU Merger Negotiations Committee. Next steps in the merger process include a review of the tentative merger agreement by the TWU National Executive Council and a one-member-one-vote ratification by the TWU membership.

"Our goal was to build a merger that focuses on concrete action here in Canada starting on day one, and that is also global in reach at the same time. Both unions were careful to enshrine key pillars of the TWU upon which our members rely. With this agreement, we met and exceeded our goals," said TWU National President Lee Riggs. “This exciting agreement also matches with the TWU Constitution and the labour movement’s fundamental democratic traditions – all members of our union will be able to take part in the ratification through a rank and file vote.

“"Together we’ve built an innovative, flexible merger agreement that blends the best of both of our unions," said USW National Director Ken Neumann. read more

Speak Up for Your Rights!

Join the Hamilton Labour Day Parade!

No to the Extortion and Dictate

of the Monopolies!

No to Phony Government Austerity Agendas!

Our Future Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All!

September 2, 2013

Gather at 10:00 am at Queen and York Street in Hamilton. Parade leaves at 10:30 am

Barbeque at Dundurn Park after the parade

Buses are coming from Lake Erie Works to join the parade, to get on the bus call 519-587-2000 ext. 301

and leave your name, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #26 August 6, 2013

Lake Erie Works Workers Overwhelmingly Reject U.S. Steel’s Blackmail

On July 31 the workers at Lake Erie voted 71% to reject the Company’s latest “final offer.” Prior to the vote, the Company’s arrogance knew no bounds. It called for a super­vised vote and kept up a refrain that if the workers’ refused to accept a non-negotiated contract, they would stay out until they “agreed” to do so. The Company held two days of meetings where the Union was “not welcome.” It also sent out letters and made phone calls directly to employees to make its case. Since it has no just cause, at the meetings and in the letters and phone calls, it basically threatened the workers that if they did not accept the Company’s “final offer” it would be a long time before the plant would start up again. U.S. Steel was betting that the workers, after a three-month lock­out and Employment Insurance re­jecting their claim for benefits, would accept its “final offer” despite the fact that it was even worse than the “final offer” they rejected in April. In the course of this forced vote, it be­came obvious for all to see that U.S. Steel had no interest in negotiating, and just wanted to dictate. Amongst other things, the Company wants to eliminate some of the protection that the workers presently have regarding contracting out. This also makes the direction the Company is trying to take the plant suspect. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #25 July 29, 2013

Lake Erie Update Workers Want a Negotiated Settlement but U.S. Steal

Thinks It Can Prevail

Steal is putting on a brave face after it was repeatedly booed and denounced at the Company organized information meetings. “This was to be expected,” its mantra goes. “Workers need a space to vent. At least no chairs were thrown. The worst case scenario was if no one had attended the meetings.” And so on. In other words, the Company thinks that, despite “the venting,” it got its point across: “Times are tough, these are not concessions; it is the best the workers can expect. Sign now or you will be screwed.” (“No, wedid not tweet-in the riot can we have some intelligent questions please. No, we are not insulting anyone. These are not intelligent questions. Intelligent questions are the ones which agree with everything we say. Intelligent questions do not stand up for the dignity of labour. They do not demand mutual benefit. Workers should know their place. They should sign this generous offer and we will take care of them.”) read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #24 July 22, 2013

Lake Erie Local 8782 USW Recommends Rejection

U.S. Steal’s Underhanded Attempt to

Mislead Workers and Destroy the Union

U.S. Steel has been less than honest with Lake Erie workers, Local 8782 USW points out. It turns out that even the copy of the contract they are distributing to the workers as “information” to get them to sign is an incomplete document. The Union is holding information meetings July 22, before the mandated vote and urges all workers to attend. Local 8782 President Bill Ferguson points to the Company’s timing to force a supervised vote on its incomplete offer: “The Company’s motivation for doing this is hunger and fear. They hope that you’re hungry enough and they hope that you’re afraid enough.” He clearly acknowledges that the situation is very tough for the workers which is why it is necessary for everyone to be very clear about what they are being asked to vote on. read more

U.S. Steel’s Witch Hunt Response to Near Fatal Work Accident

On July 5, at about 9:30 pm, a worker was seriously injured in the coke ovens at U.S. Steel Hamilton Works. If it had not been for the quick action of the larry car operator, the injured worker could have died. No sooner was the worker sent to hospital than the Company began a despicable “witch hunt.” The first thing it did was “drug test” the larry car worker. The anti-human resources (HR) investigator was visibly disappointed when the worker passed the drug test. As the interrogation proceeded, it became obvious that the company wanted to fire anyone who violated the “safety procedure.” No offer of counselling was made for the immediately affected workers or other workers.

In further investigations conducted in the week following the accident, the worker was threatened that he would be fired if he didn’t retire. Subsequently, on Friday, July 12 the worker “voluntarily” retired. Mission accomplished. This whole witch hunt which led to the forced “voluntary” retirement of the worker was conducted when the worker was still visibly shaken by the severity of the accident and what could have happened. read more

U.S. Steel worker hospitalized after accident

The Ministry of Labour is investigating after a U.S. Steel coke oven worker suffered broken bones and burns after he was pinned by a machine.

The victim, described as a 13-year veteran of the Hamilton plant, lost consciousness during the July 5 incident. He has been released from hospital, said Gary Howe, co-chair of the health and safety committee of Local 1005 of the United Steelworkers. "

"The operator of the machine saved his life … He reacted quickly and pulled him to safety. read more


Lake Erie Locked Out Steelworkers Deprived of Employment Insurance

USW Local 8782 was notified at the end of the business day from the Assistant Deputy Minister for Service Canada that a decision had been made for disentitlement to Employment Insurance Benefits for the locked out workers of U.S. Steel Lake Erie Works. The Union strongly believes this was strictly a political decision and certainly not based on the facts or merits of the situation the workers face with a Global Company such as U.S. Steel and the manipulation of production levels to south of the border in depressed market conditions. read more

Max Aicher (MANA) Locks Out Members of USW Local 1005

Information Update #21 June 24, 2013

Rally Opposes Harper Government’s Attack on Workers’ Rights

On June 21 about 50 steelworkers, including a large contingent from Local 1005, participated in a rally in front of MP Diane Finlay’s office in Simcoe, Ontario to protest the Harper government’s increasing use of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program, which allows Canadian companies to exploit these workers and use them to attack the rights of all workers. Local 1005 brought their banner “Our Future Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All! which reflects the huge assault on workers and the challenge they face of fighting to affirm the rights of all. read more

Local 1005 Scholarship Deadline has been extended to July 3, 2013 at 4:00pm

INFORMATION UPDATE #20 June 17, 2013

Local 1005 Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Thursday Meetings

10 Years of Discussion and Action to Defend the Rights of All

Over 60 members and retirees of Local 1005 celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Thursday Meetings on June 13. Many of the participants were actually in attendance on June 12, 2003 when the first meeting was held. Rolf Gerstenberger addressed the meeting by elaborating the role of the Thursday Meeting in first of all keep­ing the membership informed of the developments in the steel industry and matters of concern in the broader eco­nomic and political spheres each week, and providing a forum for the members to discuss the significance of the de­velopments and what action the union should take. These discussions began with the Company’s demands for con­cessions in the summer of 2003, the two and a half years of the fraudulent CCAA bankruptcy, the takeover of Stelco by U.S. Steel and then its 11-month phony lockout, up to the present, as well as many other important issues. The par­ticipation of the members and retirees in the Thursday Meeting is crucial in sort­ing out the problems facing the workers and the society.

The formal part of the meeting was followed by a barbeque and the cutting of an anniversary cake decorated with “Our Future Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All!” read more

Information Update #19 June 10, 2013

No Means No! Militant Picket at Hudak’s Office

Opposes Austerity Agenda

On Friday, June 7, more than 30 workers from Hamilton and the Niagara region held a militant picket in front of PC Leader Tim Hudak’s constituency of­fice in Beamsville. A spirited contingent of Educational Assistants from Hamilton with CUPE Local 3396 actively worked to involve the community in the action. The picket also included members of Local 1005 USW and other steelwork­ers, Teamster’s Local 879 members, OSSTF members from District 21 and 22 and members of the Hamilton Wentworth Elementary Teachers Local. Everyone expressed the sentiment that they were bound and determined to oppose the illegitimate austerity agenda being promoted by the Liberals and the Conservatives and will not accept that it is “business as usual” because there is a new Premier, whose aims are no dif­ferent than the last. Copies of the June issue of Justice for Injured Workers were distributed during the picket. read more

Information Update #18 June 3, 2013

Lake Erie Steelworkers Take Firm Stand in Defence of Their Rights

Oppose U.S. Steel’s Attempts to Extort Concessions Through Lockout Fraud

Workers at Local 8782 USW locked out by U.S. Steel on April 28 have applied for EI benefits. The union is submitting arguments on why the workers are entitled to receive benefits. Information Update has been informed that the union hopes to have a decision in the near future. Both the Lake Erie lockout and threatened Max Aicher North America lockout on June 7 show that the workers are facing an all-out assault by corporations which are using lockouts as a means to extort concessions. read more


Spirited May 25 Rally Supports Locked-Out Lake Erie Workers

United Steelworkers District 6 and Toronto Area Steelworkers Council led by President Carolyn Egan held a spirited rally in support of the 1,000 steelworkers of Local 8782 USW locked out by U.S. Steel at its Lake Erie Nanticoke Works. Many came to join the action, including USW National Director Ken Neumann, a spirited contingent from Local 1005 USW and a bus-load of workers who came with Egan from Toronto. Local 1005 passed a resolution at its recent monthly membership meeting to donate $1,005 a month to the Lake Erie local for the duration of the lockout. The first cheque was presented at the May 25 rally, along with other donations. read more


U.S. Steel’s Far from Innocent Attack on COLA

The question of cost-of-living allowance (COLA) has be­come a topic of dsicussion since U.S. Steel locked out the 1,000 Lake Erie Workers. Company spokesperson Trevor Harris’ letter to the Hamilton Spectator (May 3) implies that it is outrageous that the Lake Erie workers think COLA is important:

“We did not propose to cut wages or slash benefits. In fact, our offer included the roll-in of $1.01 of accumulated Cost of Living Allowances (COLA) to base wage rates. Not a single employee would have made one cent less than they are mak­ing today as a result of our company’s offer. In fact, most would have received a raise from the revised wage structure that was part of the proposal.”

A brief review of Local 1005’s Basic Agreements tells the real story. If we take Job Class 7 in August 1, 1983 we find the hourly rate at that time was $12.12. The wage increases from 1983 to 2013 (a 30-year period) have been:

1984: $0.00 1994: $0.00 2004: $0.00

1985: $0.25 1995: $0.00 2005: $0.00

1986: $0.30 1996: $0.00 2006: $0.64*

1987: $0.00 1997: $0.00 2007: $0.06*

1988: $0.00 1998: $0.00 2008: $0.09*

1989: $0.00 1999: $0.25 2009: $0.15*

1990: $0.60 2000: $0.25 2010: $0.12*

1991: $0.15 2001: $0.25 2011: $0.00

1992: $0.10 2002: $0.00 2012: $0.00

1993: $0.00 2003: $0.15 2013: $0.00

read more


May Day 2013 Workers Celebrate Their Achievements

The annual May Day rally, march and BBQ in Hamilton brought together more than 250 workers, students, youth and members of the community. Those present included workers from Joseph Brant Hospital, members of Local 7135 USW from National Steel Car, a delegation of the locked-out steelworkers from Local 8782 USW at Lake Erie, as well as retirees from CAW Local 222 in Oshawa.

Local 1005 retiree Bill Mahoney opened the rally at the Local 1005 Union Hall with a poem about Harper’s attacks on EI, following which Mayor Bob Bratina brought greetings from the city. The rally was then addressed by Ken Neumann, National Director of USW; Bill Ferguson, President of Local 8782; Bob Pelletier, President of Local 7135, and Josepone Eric from the Migrant Workers Resource Centre. Rolf Gerstenberger, President of Local 1005, gave the concluding speech. Then everyone took to the streets for a march through the industrial core that ended back at the Union Hall for a BBQ. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #14 April 29, 2013

All Out to Support Locked Out Lake Erie Workers!

At 9:00 am on April 28, U.S. Steel locked the gates at Lake Erie Works locking out about 1,000 workers. This is U.S. Steel’s latest dirty deed after the workers voted 70 per cent to reject its “final offer.” Ninety-two per cent of the membership turned out for the vote. This means the Company cannot get away with attempts to divide the workers with claims that the vote is not representative or that the workers are divided or “confused.”

The aim of the lockout is to convince the workers of the “wisdom” of changing their minds. Given the very unequal power relations, in any other situation this would be called extortion. The fact is that once the Company did not get its way through a bargaining process, it began trying to use its position of power over them to prevail. It is not acceptable. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #13 April 22, 2013

U.S. Steel’s Boorish Dictate at Lake Erie

The Ugly American All Over Again

U.S. Steel is flaunting the most boor­ish behaviour for the whole world to see in its conduct with the Lake Erie Works steelworkers. Violating the norms of conduct in union-employer relations, the Company communicated directly with employees, sending them its latest of­fer, insinuating that they can’t trust their Union. The letter presents the offer in glowing terms to not only cover up what is being taken away but to say in no un­certain terms that there is no alternative because, unlike all U.S. Steel’s other operations, Lake Erie has huge losses. All the Company’s largesse is theirs for free, if they say yes to the offer. All of it is accompanied by threats issued through other channels, informing the workers and their Union that if they do not ac­cept the offer, they will be hung out to dry without a penny. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #12 April 15, 2013

Support Local 8782 at Lake Erie

No to U.S. Steel’s Unjust Demands!

The contract between Local 8782 USW and U.S. Steel expires at 12:01 am on April 16, 2013. On April 12, Local 8782 announced that it has held three membership meetings with an 83 per cent turnout, in which the membership voted 99.6 per cent to support a strike authorization vote. The Company and the Union have a signed protocol where either party has to give 72 hours notice before a strike or lockout can occur. The union an­nounced on April 15 that neither party has as yet given notice.

Local 1005 expresses its full support for its brothers and sisters at Lake Erie. Unresolved issues at the Lake continue to be the Company’s attempt to reduce the maximum vacation that a worker receives from seven weeks to five; and the Company demand that the COLA formula, which presently uses 1971 as the base of calculations, be changed to use 2002, a change that will reduce the COLA for each year by about 80 per cent. The Company is also demanding concessions on benefits. read more



INFORMATION UPDATE #11 April 8, 2013

Broad Opposition to Attacks Against Workers and Economy

On April 5, workers in Hamilton and Niagara once again joined their coun­terparts in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces to oppose the Harper gov­ernment’s self-serving reforms to the Employment Insurance program. Thousands of people are being cut off from receiving EI payments and forced to find work away from home at lower wages. Besides leaving human beings in dire poverty, one of the consequenc­es is the destruction of the economy of entire regions of the country which de­pend on seasonal labour for their living.

The action was held in front of the constituency office of Dean Allison, Conservative MP for Niagara West–Glanbrook office, with the participation of Local 1005 USW and others. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #10 March 25, 2013

Further on the Province’s Obligation to Local 1005’s Pension Fund

As Information Update related in its last issue, at the time U.S. Steel bought Stelco, the Province engaged to change the terms of the Pension Agreement ap­proved by the Court as part of the Plan of Arrangement which permitted Stelco to exit the Companies’ Creditors Arrange­ment Act (CCAA) bankruptcy proceed­ings. In exchange for giving Stelco what it wanted to sell the company, the Prov­ince got what is called the U.S. Steel Guarantee. Counsel for the Superinten­dent of Finances told Local 1005 at the time that its pension was safe because U.S. Steel was “too big to fail.”

Local 1005 rejected this argument. In no uncertain terms it suggested the Superintendent would do well to do like­wise. This is the exact same argument which was used to justify the 5.1 Election enacted under the Bob Rae government to let GM off the hook for providing full funding for its pension funds. It was sub­sequently used by Stelco to do likewise. It is the argument which got the pension funds in trouble in the first place. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #9 March 18, 2013

Further on the Province’s Obligation to Local 1005’s Pension Fund

The obligation of Ontario’s Superintendent of Financial Services to protect the pen­sions of Local 1005 mem­bers and retirees is best de­termined in context.

The Superintendent, on his own initiative and with­out authorization from Local 1005, participated as a prin­ciple in negotiations which led to the restructuring of funding for Local 1005’s de­fined benefit Pension Plan. In the capacity of a party, the Superintendent execut­ed the Pension Agreement made as of March 31, 2006 among Stelco Inc., the Stelco General Partners, the Superintendent, and the Province (“Pension Agreement”).

At the time the Pension Agreement was concluded (or more correctly just after the time but prior to the CCAA Ap­proval Hearing) Local 1005 was led to believe that pension funding would be brought to equilibrium by 2016. Given the protections of the Pension Agree­ment, Local 1005 expected that any acquirer of Stelco would be bound by Stelco’s obligations under the Pension Agreement. Those obligations included agreements that:read more


INFORMATION UPDATE #8 March 11, 2013

Local 1005 Holds Ontario Government

Responsible for Pension Funding Agreement

At the Thursday Meeting of Local 1005 workers clearly hold the Ontario Government responsible for the Pension Funding Agreement that came out of the CCAA restructuring and was subsequently passed on to U.S. Steel in 2007. The Pension Funding Agreement was calculated so as to fully fund the plan by the end of 2015. In Stelco’s exit from CCAA protection and in the sale of Stelco to U.S. Steel, both the Ontario Superintendent of Pensions and the Minister of Finance were involved in first crafting the agreement and then amending it. They were the main bodies that tried to convince the workers that this Pension Funding Agreement was in the best interests of pension plan members. At the end of the day, it is the Ontario government’s responsibility to ensure that the Pension Funding Agreement does ensure solvency funding of Local 1005’s Pension Plan.

The workers are actively engaged in setting plans to defend their pensions, taking into account also what governments, the laws and the courts did or did not do in the cases of Nortel, Indalex, Resolute and White Birch (from the Abitibi Bowater CCAA), to say nothing about the state of auto worker pensions and many others. read more

#2 Rod Mill Reunion

Thursday March 21, 2013

Mohawk Quad Pad Arena



U.S. Steel Must Make Stelco’s Pension Plans Whole

The state of the U.S. Steel pension plans in Canada is very alarming. They are severely underfunded. Ontario law clearly stipulates that U.S. Steel must make the plans whole by December 31, 2015. Despite this, U.S. Steel is hiding behind a narrow self-serving interpretation of a Special Pension Agreement negotiated with the Minister of Finance and the Superintendent of Pensions when it bought Stelco in 2007. The Special Agreement spelled out the amount of money it had to pay into the pension plans every year to make them whole by by December 31, 2015. These amounts no longer apply as a result of losses to the pension fund incurred on the stock market.

U.S. Steel seized Stelco’s steelmaking capacity in 2007. As a significant aspect of the takeover, executives for the U.S. monopoly publicly stated their moral and legal responsibility for four Stelco defined-benefit pension plans. Also, the acceptance of the previous arrangement with the Ontario government to make the pensions whole by the end of 2015 was further acknowledgement of U.S. Steel’s legal and moral responsibility towards the pension plans. The original annual payment schedule according to the pension agreement with the Ontario government was calculated in 2006 and meant to make the plans whole by December 31, 2015. This was a government concession to the owners of Stelco at the time, as Ontario law requires that pension plans be funded fully within five years after any finding of a shortfall. According to Ontario law, by 2011 the pensions should have been without any shortfall in their capacity to meet the defined benefits of Stelco actual and potential retirees but that is far from the case. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #6 February 25, 2013

Max Aicher North America Tables “Final Offer”

February 15, Max Aicher North America (MANA) tabled its “final offer” to the MANA Unit of Local 1005. The offer contained the following provisions:

The Company is proposing seven pay levels ranging from Level 1 at $18.70 an hour to Level 7 at $25.26 an hour. For new hires the Company is proposing the worker receive 90% of the rate of the job performed for 1,040 hours. The Company is proposing the elimination of all the cost of living allowance (COLA) for active workers and the indexing for pensioners. (This proposal amounts to a 20-30% pay cut with no COLA formula to compensate for an increase in the cost of living.)

On vacation the Company is proposing a five week maximum vacation. Those left in the workforce who already have more than five weeks would be grandfathered.

The Company proposes that all future pension credits be in a defined-contribution (DC) plan. If an employee contributes to the DC plan, the Company will match the contribution up to 5% of gross earnings (includes overtime and incentive payments). The 10 employees who are in the plant with more than 20 years service but less than 30 years credited service will remain in the defined-benefit plan until they get 30 years credited service, following which all future credits will be in the DC plan. This would mean that going forward all workers would be in a DC plan, not just new hires as in the U.S. Steel contract. read more

Protest Changes to Employment Insurance

Saturday February 23 – 1:00 pm

Anti-Human Resources Minister Diane Finley’s Constituency Office, 76 Kent Street, Simcoe

Local 1005 in conjunction with the Hamilton & District Labour Council is holding a demonstration to protest the changes to EI introduced by the Harper government in Omnibus Bill C-38 passed last year. The rally also opposes the Minister’s imposition of quotas on all areas of the country for the number of workers to be cut off EI even if they are eligible. We join workers in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces also protesting that day.


Cars Leaving the Union Halll @ 11:00am


Information Update #5 February 11, 2013

Defend the Pensions We Have!

Information Update has been informed that not only were the Dofasco workers asked to agree with the Company’s demand to fund the solvency deficiency in their pension fund over 10 years, but so too were the unionized workers and personnel at the Globe and Mail. Their union countered with a demand that Globe management not demand changes to the defined-benefit pension plan for 10 years (in negotiations two years ago, the Globe won the concession to close the defined-benefit plan for new hires). Globe management refused this request and the union refused to agree to the 10-year funding.

Chrysler has also asked for a 10-year funding agreement from unionized and salaried personnel. In Windsor, CAW Local 444 agreed on behalf of the unionized workers; the salaried employees are a different fund and have yet to respond.

Solvency funding rules to eliminate solvency deficiencies in five years were instituted in 1987 in Ontario to protect the workers if a company files for bankruptcy. The question has to be asked: Who will protect the workers and pensioners in light of the Indalex and other decisions if the workers agree to extend the funding? Who will hold these companies to account if they pull a swindle down the road? read more

Information Update #4 February 4, 2013

Supreme Court Indalex Decision

It May Be Legal, But It Is Not Just - What Should Workers Do?

On February 1, 2013 the Supreme Court of Canada finally released its decision on the Indalex case which was heard on June 6, 2012. Despite finding that Indalex had violated its fiduciary duty to the pensioners, the Supreme Court ruled that the concept of federal law called “paramountcy” had to be considered. What this means is that federal bankruptcy legislation (the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act – CCAA) dictates that Debtor in Possession (DIP) lenders have priority over all other claims during bankruptcy proceedings. Furthermore, as federal legislation, CCAA has priority over provincial legislation such as the Ontario Pension Benefits Act. As a result, the Supreme Court overturned the 2011 ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal involving Toronto-based manufacturer Indalex Limited and the United Steelworkers (USW) which represented the Indalex workers. That ruling gave the workers first claim on the assets of the company to recover monies owed on pensions. read more

Information Update #3 January 28, 2013

U.S. Steel’s Self-serving Interpretations of Contract Language and Human Rights Legislation

Last week we reported that the contract between U.S. Steel Canada Lake Erie Works and Local 8782 USW is due to expire April 15, 2013 and that the company is refusing to settle the two issues that are still unresolved from the contract agreed to in 2010. This is not a situation peculiar to Lake Erie alone. Local 1005 has a similar experience and locals from the United States have informed 1005 of their own experiences in this regard.

A brief review of the unresolved issues Local 1005 has with U.S. Steel show how the company operates to get away with whatever it wants. read more

Information Update #2 January 21, 2013

U.S. Steel Self-Serving as Ever in Lake Erie Negotiations

For three years U.S. Steel has refused to sort out matters related to the current contract it signed with our brothers and sisters at Lake Erie. Information Update has been informed that despite this, this arrogant company is now putting on the pressure to start negotiating for the new contract which expires on April 15, 2013.

Local 8782 has responded that they will not start negotiations until two issues are sorted out which the Company has created since it signed the contract in 2010 after dragging the workers through a nine month lockout. The two unresolved issues concern the Defined Contribution (DC) plan for new hires. In reference to “all hours worked,” the company made a commitment to the union that these hours include vacation, time off for WSIB and sick time. The company then declared the contributions into the DC plan are only “for hours worked” which it claims do not cover all paid time. This issue is scheduled to go to arbitration on February 4.

The second unresolved issue also concerns contract language which the company is now interpreting in a self-serving way. The Company claims that there was a change to the year-end averaging language covering the Local’s profit sharing plan. The union states there was no such change. read more

Election Results For

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Information Update #1 January 14, 2013

Local 1005 Demonstrates Against Colonial Injustice

On January 11, a delegation from Local 1005 travelled to Ottawa to support the First Nations in their battle against colonial injustice and their opposition to the two omnibus bills passed by the Harper government last year, Bill C-38 and C-45. We were inspired by the moving events including a meeting with Chief Theresa Spence from the Attawapiskat First Nation, on a hunger strike since December 11, joined by two other elders. She told our delegation that the fight for First Nations’ rights has begun all over again and of their determination to affirm their rights. read more




Seasons Greetings  & Happy New Year

Information Update #47 December 17, 2012

Rally and Demonstration in Hamilton Oppose Bill 115

On December 15, more than 300 teachers, educational support staff, steelworkers, including members of Local 1005, and members of the Hamilton community held a militant rally and demonstration to oppose Bill 115. The action began at City Hall, marched to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s office and ended at Gore Park. Above, Lisa Hammond, President of the Hamilton- Wentworth Elementary Teachers (left) and part of Local 1005’s contingent. read more



NOMINATIONS for the following positions will be accepted at Local 1005’s Office, 350

Kenilworth Ave. North, Hamilton, Ontario up to:

4:00 P.M. – Friday, January 4th, 2013

Nomination Forms MUST be used and are available at Local 1005’s Office.


LOWER LEVEL Local 1005 Offices – 350 Kenilworth Ave. North

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Steward Body Elections

Health & Safety Elections

Information Update #46 December 6, 2012

Why Was “Not Because She Was Pregnant” Employee Fired?

According to U.S. Steel, the Company did not know the pregnant employee it fired in December 2011 was pregnant and thus she was not fired because she was pregnant. The U.S. Steel person responsible for its human resources department “did not know that the woman was pregnant,” the Arbitrator wrote in her ruling. If we are to accept that as fair, why make such a spectacle of themselves at the arbitration hearings? Why not just say why she was fired instead of denying knowledge of her pregnancy? The fact that three Union executives testified that they were in a meeting where they told the person that the probationary employee was pregnant did not count for much in the arbitration proceedings and nor did all the other evidence provided by the Union. But facts are stubborn things and the fact remains that she was pregnant, so what do you do about that? You just keep denying that you knew she was pregnant! read more

Thank you from the Executive of USW Local 1005



Information Update #45 December 3, 2012

Mr Senior Vice-President – Say Yes to the Job!

All workers laid off after the lockout have been called back to work with the exception of one - a disabled worker who the company simply refuses to accommodate as is its duty. This is despite the fact that prior to the lockout Rick Mansfield was very well accommodated in the Maintenance Department where he was the go-to guy if you needed something or could not find a part. The computer systems at U.S. Steel are complex and Rick knows how to navigate them to find and order parts and to get things done. But this was only one aspect of his job. He was also a very important part of our Reg. 51 program. The Reg 51 program is very complex but, in simple terms, it is an inspection program for cranes and lifting equipment that was put in place after one of our members was crushed to death by a crane hook block on June 30, 1988. A great deal of work was done jointly to create one of the best programs. Rick is a key person in our more

Tickets available call the Union Hall @ 905 547 1417


Information Update #44 November 26, 2012

Steelworkers Participate in CUPE Hamilton Meeting to Oppose Austerity Agenda

Throughout last week, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario held mass membership meetings in Kingston, Pembroke, Peterborough, Mississauga, Hamilton and Windsor as part of a province-wide campaign against Bill 115 and in defence of the right to collective bargaining for all public sector workers.

CUPE Ontario informs that at the November 20 meeting in Hamilton, its members “packed the Steelworkers Hall on Barton Street to say ‘No’ to government plans to remove democratic rights, and vowed to stand together against existing legislation, Bill 115, which already does this in school boards. With people standing in the aisles, the union launched the region’s part in a province-wide campaign to protect workers’ democratic rights to collective bargaining and impartial contract arbitration.” read more

Information Update #43 November 19, 201

Spokesperson for U.S. Steel Canada Still Out to Lunch

In a letter to the editor to the Hamilton Spectator (November 12, 2012), Trevor Harris, spokesperson for U.S. Steel Canada declared “...We have established several partnerships with leading organizations across Hamilton and have contributed millions of dollars to help local children and families, provide education and opportunity and move our city forward....”

One year ago the federal government quietly dropped its lawsuit against U.S. Steel for breaking its 2007 commitments to keep 3,105 workers employed for three years and to produce more than 4.3 million tons of steel per year for three years. This was replaced with a new secret deal which allegedly contained a new commitment about which the workers know nothing because they have only seen three quarters of a page from a 31-page redacted document. As a sop, something was announced about U.S. Steel spending $3 million in the community.

Is this what Harris is crowing about in his letter? What he does not say is that U.S. Steel stopped paying indexing to more than 8,000 pensioners on July 31, 2010 when the previous contract expired. If we were to calculate the indexing at 1% a year, this decision has deprived pensioners and the Hamilton economy of at least $1.7 million a year, or a total of $4.1 million since July 2010. (The total amount of payments to pensioners is about $170 million per year.) To then boast about how much the company donates to various charities, educational institutions and hospitals is hypocritical at best and rubs salt in the wounds of Stelco pensioners.

His other major omission when talking about how much U.S. Steel “contributes” to Hamilton is his failure to mention that the blast furnace has been shut down for more than two years. How do you contribute to Steeltown by depriving it of steel? read more

Information Update #42 November 12, 2012

Conference Call on U.S. Steel’s Q3 2012 Results

Cluelessness Raised to an Art

On October 29, U.S. Steel released its third quarter results. The Company claimed a net income of $44 million on shipments of 5.3 million tons of steel with sales of $4.7 billion.

From our point of view, the report and conference call were once again revealing for what they did not mention and that is Hamilton. We have become a faceless, nameless pawn whose blast furnace on which Canadian steel production depends has been shut down since October 2010. The only time Canada comes up is to lodge the complaint that U.S. Steel has already recorded a “full valuation allowance on deferred tax assets,” which result in “a minimal tax provision or benefit in the fourth quarter, primarily due to the full valuation allowance on deferred tax assets in Canada.” There could not be a more damning indictment of U.S. Steel’s callous disregard for the serious problems facing Canada’s steel industry. read more


Information Update #41 November 5, 2012

U.S. Steel’s Cancellation of Women’s Committee

Company Lip Service to Issues of Inequality?

This week U.S. Steel delivered to the Union a new policy entitled “Management of New and Expectant Mothers.” This was one week after the Union protested the dismantling of the “Plant Women’s Issues Working Group” and the Company’s refusal to treat women with respect.

Once we finish reading the policy, we will let you now what it says. Why, however, did the Company dismantle the committee? I am one of the sisters who worked on that committee. I can only assume that the intent all along was indeed lip service, and that our voices were meant to be silenced.

With the committee assembled, you see, the Company had a position where it could be said: “We’re working on addressing issues of inequality”; “We’re working on a protocol for addressing reproductive safety concerns,” when in fact, neither is actually true. read more

Information Update #40 October 29, 2012

U.S. Steel Cancels Women’s Committee

In 2010 Local 1005 placed a Policy Grievance to try to resolve a long standing problem: where can a woman who is pregnant work in the steel plant? At that time the company was stonewalling the question and not providing an answer. In particular the issue centred around the areas of the plant which have been tested as being safe for a fetus.

The issue was raised by the Se­nior Health and Safety Committee in December 2011 at the first meeting after the lock-out ended. This resulted in a Plant Women’s Issues Working Group being established in July of this year. Three women members of Local 1005 were appointed to this commit­tee and have been working to draft a policy to outline where a woman can work when she is pregnant. The union wants to have a coherent policy in place so that it does not become an emergency situation each time a sister becomes pregnant. Local 1005 wants to make sure that no harm comes to the fetus, that the health of the woman is also not jeopardized and the women are accommodated to the maximum degree.

The committee put together and studied various documents which outline the federal and provincial leg­islation on the matter of where it is safe for a pregnant woman to work.

On October 26, the Union Plant Health and Safety Chairman was in­formed by the Company Health and Safety Manager that the Women’s Committee had been disbanded. No explanation was given. read more


Information Update #39 October 22, 2012

Human Rights and Federal Bill C-31

On October 18, nurse Jodi Pipes and nursing student Claire Wolfe from McMaster Sick Children’s Hospital addressed the Thursday Meeting about the Harper government’s violation of human rights through Bill C-31, the Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act, passed at the end of June. The bill included changes to the Interim Federal Health Program and dictates that health care cannot be provided to refugees from certain countries to Canada. Jodi Pipes stated that everyone has to have access to health care and this is a basic human right and to deny it to the most vulnerable in society is unconscionable. This bill has also caused a great deal of confusion for health care providers. The speakers listed some of the incidents of refugees being denied health care and the consequences for the Hamilton area.

They also explained that Hamilton health care providers have established the volunteer-run “Refuge Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health” that provides health care to refugees and others on a volunteer basis. As well, they are working actively to have this legislation changed. read more

Information Update #38 October 15, 2012

Anniversary of End of Eleven-Month Phony Lockout

U.S. Steel’s Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

October 15 marks the first anniversary of the end of U.S. Steel’s phony lockout. For 11 months the workers resisted attempts to deprive them of what is theirs by virtue of the fact they contribute to producing the wealth on which society depends for its living. The aim of the phony lockout, imposed despite the fact the workers did not express any intention of going on strike at the end of the contract, was to extort concessions by depriving pensioners of indexing and new hires of defined benefit plans. Even before the U.S. Steel lockout, the Company shut down production in violation of its contract with the Government of Canada when it took over Stelco in 2007. Now, on the anniversary of the end of that phony lockout, Stelco workers were astounded to read that U.S. Steel is expressing concern that foreign takeovers approved by the Government of Canada should meet “net benefit” criteria. read more

Information Update #37 October 9, 2012

Hamiltonians Tell McGuinty: “Hands Off Public Sector Workers!”

On October 1, more than 40 members and retirees from Local 1005, joined by teachers from the Hamilton Wentworth Elementary Teachers’ Local and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) Local 21 and Peter Page, the President of the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups, held a vigorous information picket at the corner of King and James in downtown Hamilton. The information picket opposed the McGuinty government’s attacks on teachers, education workers and the public sector. Participants distributed more than 2,000 copies of Local 1005’s Information Update and an OSSTF fact sheet. Many people stopped to find out more about the situation facing teachers and public sector workers. Another information picket will be held on October 9. read more

C. O. L. A.


Effective with the first pay period following the release of the Consumer Price Index (1971 = 100 base).

You will be paid a 1¢ per hour increase for every .3 increase in the Cost of Living Allowance.

In accordance with the terms of Item 17 Letter of Agreement re: Cost of Living Allowance, the C.O.L.A. calculation for the period AUGUST 2012 compared to august 2011 is as follows:


AUG 2011 575.6

7.2 ¸ .3 = $0.24 (float)








Information Update #36 October 1, 2012

Our Future Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All Hamiltonians Join Forces to Oppose Attacks on Public Sector Workers

On Monday, October 1, members of CUPE Local 1065, representing hospital workers at Joseph Brant Hospital, teachers from OSSTF District 21, elementary teachers and others will join Local 1005 at 3:30 pm at King and James Streets to express their opposition to the McGuinty government’s attacks on teachers, education workers, students, public education and now the entire public sector through the proposed Protecting Public Services Act. Join Us! read more

Information Update #35 September 20, 2012

U.S. Steel Pigeon-Holing Workers Company Violating Contract Yet Again

During the 2006 negotiations, the Union agreed to change the job classification structure from 28 job classes covering all the jobs in the plant, to eight job levels. In the 2010 negotiations, under the “Workplace and Restructuring and Productivity” section of the contract, it was made clear that all the jobs in the various departments of the plant would be included in the various levels with lines of progression to deal with how a worker moves from one job level to a higher paying job level. Appendix D of the basic agreement has a section, 3-C, which states “The Union has expressed concern over the training of employees, specifically related to Job Level 3 positions in a Line of Progression (LOP) (and the Level 4 position in the Coke Ovens Unit LOP), pursuant to Paragraph 3-B above. In circumstances where an employee has been receiving the training rate of pay, but has been denied the opportunity to fully train and become qualified in the full scope of the job, the employee will be paid the full rate of pay for the incumbent job after training on the job for ninety (90) days.” read more



Information Update #34 September 13, 2012

U.S. Court Decision with Implications for U.S. Steel and the Stelco Pension Funds

In a significant development of U.S. corporate law, a Washington D.C. District Court has allowed the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) to proceed with a claim against a non U.S. corporation to recover pension and other funds owed by its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary. The Washington court ruled that PBGC could proceed with its lawsuit to assert personal jurisdiction over the non U.S. entity Asahi Tec Corporation, a Japanese automotive parts manufacturer.

In 2007, Asahi Tec (the parent) acquired U.S. based Metaldyne Corporation. The subsidiary filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009 but not the parent registered in Japan. Before terminating the Metaldyne defined benefit pension plan, the PBGC requested that Asahi Tec assume sponsorship of the plan and make it whole, but the parent refused.

Asahi Tec subsequently did not respond to PBGC’s written demands for payment of Metaldyne’s outstanding pension liability. In response, PBGC filed a complaint against Asahi Tec in November 2010 for approximately $175 million, seeking recovery of the full amount of the pension plan’s unfunded liabilities, termination premiums and litigation costs. read more

Information Update #33 September 6, 2012

Local 1005’s Actuarial Report

“By the Numbers”

The December 31, 2011 actuarial report states that U.S. Steel contributed $57.8 million to the pension plan, while the plan paid out $141 million in pension payments.

The present workforce is comprised of 625 workers with 9,040 pensioners. The active workers operate the coke ovens, 4-stand, #3 galvanizing line and Z-line. The blast furnace, steelmaking, caster and conditioning departments are still not operating.

Compare this to the situation on December 31, 2003 when Local 1005 had 3,500 active members with more than 7,500 pensioners. At that time, Hilton Works had two blast furnaces, a hot strip mill, the #2 rod mill, the #5-stand rolling mill, the bar mill and the bloom mill in production. All of these facilities were used to create value out of which the workers received their wages, benefits, and pension payments. At that time the Company was still exempt from making solvency payments because of the 5.1 Election. It contributed only $24 million to the pension plan while the plan paid out more than $84 million to the 7,500 pensioners. read more

Information Update #32 August 30, 2012

Steelworkers Join Teachers in Opposing McGuinty’s Attacks

On August 28, thirty members and retirees from Local 1005 joined 20,000 teachers, education workers and their supporters at Queen’s Park to oppose McGuinty’s attacks against their rights and the rights of all. McGuinty called back the Legislature two weeks early to ram through the cynically labelled Putting Students First Act. read more

Information Update #31 August 27, 2012

Unite in Action to Defend the Rights of All! Oppose Attacks on Teachers and Education Workers! End the Marginalization of Injured Workers!


TUESDAY AUGUST 28, 2012 @ 12:00 pm

Since May 1 steelworkers have worked hard to step up the involvement of other workers to get the rights of injured workers recognized. At the end of April, the McGuinty government announced the opportunist nomination of the Conservative MPP from Kitchener Waterloo, Elizabeth Witmer, as chair of the Workplace Safety Insurance Board with the aim of continuing to turn workers’ compensation over to private insurance companies and eliminate public authority over the protection of injured workers. It also created the possibility for a Liberal majority if they win the by election. read more

Rebel Rhymes by Bill Mahoney will be for sale on this day at the cost of $5 each. All proceeds from the sale will go to Wesley Center of Hamilton.



Information Update #30 August 9, 2012

U.S. Steel Reports Second Quarter Results for 2012

Steel Not Steal!

On July 31, U.S. Steel released its second quarter 2012 results. It declared that its profits improved to $101 million. Flat-rolled shipments in the second quarter were almost identical to a year ago with 3,986,000 tons shipped in 2012 compared to 3,936,000 tons in 2011. The average realized price fell from $803 per ton in 2011 to $772 reducing the overall gross income from flat-rolled.

U.S. Steel steelworkers produced 4,688,000 tons of flat-rolled in second quarter 2012 down from 4,894,000 tons last year. Flat-rolled capacity utilization fell to 77 per cent from 83 per cent in the previous quarter and 81 per cent a year ago. Flat-rolled capacity in U.S. Steel’s North American mills including Hamilton Works is 6.075 million tons per quarter. read more

Information Update #29 July 31, 2012

Hypocrisy of U.S. Steel’s “Core Values”

Information Update has been informed that one of the salaried retirees has worked 16 straight 12-hour shifts on the Z-line.

The Company refuses to train people on the Z-line to cover those who require time off or are sick. It refuses to recall laid off workers to train them. Why is it so intransigent? Paying a retiree a salary which is higher than a union wage to train an employee to do the job, then violating the contract by not training anyone, having the retiree do the job and paying overtime on top of this, not only violates the contract, it is irrational.

It seems that the Company wants to use the salaried retirees to set a precedent that a) it is alright to do this even when there are workers laid off; b) any amount of overtime is alright despite workers being laid off; and c) it is acceptable to ruin one’s health through overwork with nothing said or done about it. Is this to be the new normal – whatever the Company wants, the workers should just do? read more

Information Update #28 July 24, 2012

U.S. Steel’s Firing of Pregnant Worker

Closing Arguments in Arbitration Hearing

July 19 was the final day of a three-day arbitration hearing between U.S. Steel and Local 1005, dealing with the case of a probationary worker unjustly fired while pregnant.

The Company presented three closing arguments to claim that the firing was justified. Firstly, it claimed the three supervisors and one human resources (HR) person who made the decision to fire the worker “did not know” she was pregnant when they made the decision. Secondly, the Company claimed there is no evidence to prove that she was fired for being pregnant. And finally, it claimed that the reasons given for terminating the worker could not be classified as unreasonable or in bad faith, and in any event the arbitrator does not have jurisdiction to rule in the Union’s favour since the firing of a probationary employee is not subject to the arbitration process. read more

Information Update # 27 July 16, 2012

Alma Workers Thank 1005 for Their Support

On the eve of the ratification vote, the members of Local 9490 USW which represents the Rio Tinto Alcan alu­minum workers in Alma, Quebec, took the time to write all those who sup­ported them during the lockout to inform them about the developments and thank them for their support.

“We were very successful in winning this fight,” they informed 1005.

“We hope that 1005 knows that they were part of the solution. In fact, with your presence and soli­darity, you gave our members hope to last one day longer.”

The message was accompanied by a pho­tograph of Local 9490 Vice-President Hu­gues Villeneuve “who is proudly wearing the 1005 t?shirt on the eve of ratification.”

In conclusion the message said, “In the name of our members at 9490 USW, we would like to thank 1005 USW for all that you have done.”

Local 1005 thanks the Local in Alma for their fine words and once again congratulates the workers and their union for successfully con­cluding a well-fought fight. read more

Information Update #26 July 9, 2012

Conservative White Paper Attacks Dignity of Labour

It is usually governments that issue White Papers, not parties in the Opposition. Despite this, a week after the Ontario Legislature adopted an austerity budget which demands that the working people lower their standard of living so that social services can be privatized, the Ontario Progressive Conservative Caucus issued a so-called White Paper entitled “Paths to Prosperity: Flexible Labour Markets.” The paper outlines various labour reforms that it argues will make Ontario more competitive and prosperous in the global economy. read more

Information Update #25 June 28, 2012

Some Laid Off Workers Back to Work

Information Update has been informed that 10 workers started back to work on June 25. A total of 27 workers will be needed to fill 16 jobs in the 4?stand, six jobs in the shipping unit of the cold mill department and five jobs in the RTL.

Fourteen of these jobs will be filled by workers who had agreed to go to the Nelson pickle lines on a temporary basis about six months ago. The U.S. Steel pickle lines (Nelson) have begun hiring workers on a permanent basis to replace the Hamilton temporary workers.

The recall of these additional 27 workers means that about 16 workers will still be laid off – 13 workers with significant seniority and the three most junior workers. In addition, there are seven workers with medical disabilities who the Company has yet to accommodate with suitable work.

Is U.S. Steel “Punishing” Workers?

What is significant is that the 13 workers with significant seniority are also workers who, according to U.S. Steel, signed training waivers after the phony lockout.

If you recall, when the phony lockout ended, the first place workers were assigned was the coke ovens. Some workers had serious concerns about working in the coke ovens considering the effects of all the harmful by?products of coke production to their health. As Information Update reported previously, the Company insisted that if the workers didn’t want to go to the coke ovens, they had to sign training waivers which said they were refusing training, which was not in fact accurate. The fact that they were refusing placement in the coke ovens due to health concerns does not mean they were refusing training. read more

Information Update #24 June 21, 2012

U.S. Steel Overtime Soars with Workers Still Laid Off

Information Update has recently been informed that for the month of May, more than 5,400 hours of overtime were logged. As if this were not high enough, the amount of overtime and the percentage out of the total hours worked were actually more in the months of January to April.

This is the case even though 35 employees are still laid off. It proves that the Company is irrational. Not only are the layoffs unconscionable but new hires are urgently required as the Union has been saying all along.

Will the Harper government which is legislating all kinds of changes to force unemployed workers to take unsuitable jobs at a 15 to 30 per cent wage reduction hold U.S. Steel to account for this irresponsible behaviour?

There are presently about 530 workers in the plant; 32 are in the second utilities training course at Mohawk College; 14 are working temporarily at the Nelson Pickle lines, and 35 are laid off. read more

Information Update #23 June 14, 2012

Arbitration Hearing Gets Underway

The first day of the arbitration case dealing with the firing of a probationary employee who was pregnant was held on June 12, 2012. It was not possible to hear all the Company’s case on day one so a continuation is scheduled for July 3. On that day the Union will present its case after the Company finishes presenting its version of events.

Several workers attended the hearing. They told Information Update that despite their many years of dealing with Company scams they could not believe their ears on hearing the Company’s self-serving rendition of events. The word amongst the steelworkers is that the Company has embroiled itself in a real Peyton Place-type saga and it will rue the day it took its duty to train new hires unprofessionally and non-seriously. The Union is eager to see justice served in this case. read more

Information Update #22 June 7, 2012

Arbitration Hearing Convened

Local 1005 Contests Firing of Pregnant Probationary Employee

On June 12, the arbitration case will be heard into U.S. Steel’s firing of a pregnant probationary employee on December 2, 2011 after the phony lockout was over. The case will be heard at 10 am at the Sheraton Hotel.

The employee was fired with only 16 hours left in her probation. From the date she was hired on September 7, 2010, her training lasted less than a month before the blast furnace was shut down on October 4, 2010. From that time until the phony lockout, the workers were assigned clean up and painting jobs. When the lockout was over, this employee was assigned janitorial duties. She was then fired with 16 hours left on probation. To boot, she was left stranded and penniless because, as a result of the fact that the 11-month lockout was phony and all workers qualified for EI during that time, when the company fired her she was not eligible for EI and had to live on social assistance.

Since she was probationary, the Company argues that just cause is not required and that the matter does not fall under Union jurisdiction.

The Union argues that she was not given an opportunity to train properly, was never informed that her performance was unsatisfactory and to fire her when pregnant violates her human rights. The Union argues jurisdiction in the case since the treatment of probationary employees is in the contract and in this case the Company not only lacks just cause but fired a pregnant woman rendering her destitute. read more

Information Update #21 May 31, 2012

Information Picket Against U.S. Steel’s Violation of Collective Agreement

Monday, June 4 – 3:30 pm

Downtown Hamilton – Corner of King and James

U.S. Steel’s blatant violation of the basic agreement demands an an­swer. The union has already filed a grievance but is this enough?

The Company has laid off more than 40 workers while hiring 50 retir­ees into salaried positions to perform jobs that belong to unionized workers. These salaried staff are not permitted to do union jobs, just train people. The Company uses the excuse that the laid off workers are production employees, not trades people. It says that on each shift there are now salaried employees working on the lines because there is nobody to train.

So long as the workers are left no recourse but to grieve the contract vio­lation and governments refuse to hold companies like U.S. Steel to account, the Company can repeat that it has no one to train. It thinks it can get away with acting with impunity.

Far from holding companies to account, look at how the Harper government just smashed the right of CP workers to collectively bargain for the wages, benefits and working condi­tions they require to safely do their jobs and protect the safety of the population and environment. The company knew the government would pass back-to-work legislation and it did not negoti­ate with the workers. Railway workers work very long hours which ruins their health and their family and social lives. Now the company demands that their pensions earned on the basis of long hours of overtime be reduced, calls the CP workers greedy and blames them for putting the economy in jeop­ardy! CP demands that the workers be on call 24 hours a day, and they can go for days without proper sleep, but it does not complain that this jeopar­dizes lives and the economy. This is perfectly legal and the workers have no redress, not even by negotiating their working conditions. read more

Local 1005 supports the CP rail workers on May 25, 2012

Employment Insurance Protest

Picket at Diane Finley's office at 76 Kent Street South, Simcoe, Monday, May 28, 2012 at 4 p.m. To protest the latest proposed changes to EI. Leaving the Local 1005 union hall at 3 pm. Call 905-547-1417 for more info.

Information Update #20 May 24, 2012

Operations at the Plant More of U.S. Steel’s Incoherence

Information Update was informed that the company recently re-assigned two employees who have been training as roll grinders (which requires extensive training to become proficient); one was sent to operate a crane in the cold mill and the other to shipping.

This stops the employees’ training and the job of roll grinder is now being performed by the salaried employees. It is a blatant violation of the collective agreement, especially since several laid off workers are qualified crane persons.

Besides showing how arbitrary the Company is, it once again proves what the Union has been saying – that to run the plant properly, the Company needs these laid off workers but the Company thinks it knows better. U.S. Steel is already in crisis mode and the cold mill and galvanize lines are not even running at full capacity. But the Company prefers to be high-handed than to do things in a proper and humane manner.

It is also reported that the company does not have enough employees in the coke ovens to provide proper heat relief and vacation coverage, or in the ore docks to provide training so that the employees are able to operate all the machines in the docks.

The Union has put in a policy grievance but is also discussing these developments at its Thursday meetings. “What is outrageous about this whole scenario is that the Company can do whatever it likes, even break the contract. If the workers take any action it is immediately declared illegal and the full force of the law is immediately used against them,” Grievance Chair Jake Lombardo told Information Update. “We don’t accept that,” he said. read more

Local 1005 Stands With the Community to support Students in Quebec Tuesday, May 22 at 3:30 pm at King and James St. Hamilton

We invite you to stand with us on Tuesday, May 22 at 3:30pm at King St. & James St. (in downtown Hamilton by Jackson Square). During this time, massive demonstrations will be taking place across Quebec to oppose Bill-78, recently passed by the Charest government with the aim of all-out criminalizing the student and social movements. In Hamilton, at that time, we will be joining an information picket to publicly oppose the bill and join our voices with those of Quebec`s people in saying No! to austerity and the sell-out of our public services to the monopolies.

Information Update #19 May 17, 2012

U.S. Steel Violates Collective Agreement

Last week Information Update wrote of a rumour that U.S. Steel planned to hire retired members of Local 1005 to perform jobs in the plant while 46 steelworkers are laid off. Information Update expressed its hope that these rumours would not turn out to be true. Unfortunately, we established that U.S. Steel did indeed canvas some 100 electrical, mechanical and utilities 1005 retirees and some retirees who have skills running the Z-line and the galvanize line to work in the plant on a contract basis. We are informed that about 50 retirees were subsequently hired as salaried employees, not hourly waged employees who would then be members of Local 1005. They started on Sunday, May 13, 2012 on a contract running until November 12, 2012. To their credit, another 50 or so retirees refused.

The rate for mechanical is about $33 an hour but the Company is paying these retirees about $40 an hour. What the Company is doing is a blatant violation of our contract.

Section 2.05(a) states that “Supervisors shall not do work ordinarily performed by bargaining unit employees except for (i) Instruction and training of employees, and (ii) Emergency work when employees are absent or not available when required.” The fact that these retirees are hired on salary means they can only work as supervisors to train employees to do the job. They cannot perform the jobs themselves. read more

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are pleased to welcome Local 1005 back to Ivor Wynne this season.

Stop by Scott Park before game For 1005 Tailgate!

Friday September 28th vs. Montreal Alouettes @7:00 pm

$15 per ticket Limit of 4 per person Availability based on first come first serve

To purchase visit the 1005 Union Hall during business hours

Sales start May 16

see more

Your Executive 2012

Information Update #18 May 10, 2012

Unjustified Lay-Offs

Beginning the week of April 29, 46 workers were laid off by U.S. Steel at Hamilton Works. Despite the damage layoffs cause the indi­vidual workers, their families and the community, U.S. Steel ignored the union’s advice to train workers for the galvanize line. The first coils started going through the galvanize line on May 8; prime coils started on May 9. More trained workers would enable the company to run the line at 15 or 20 turns, which would also require trained employees to run the temper mill, the RTL, the batch anneal, etc.

Instead, not only did the company lay off the so-called unslotted work­ers, but there are rumours it seeks to hire retired union members as salaried employees to run the gal­vanize line. The Union sincerely hopes there is no truth to these ru­mours. If true, there will be hell to pay, an unnamed Union source told Information Update. read more

Information Update #17 May 3, 2012

May Day in Hamilton Saying Loud and Clear What We Stand For

May Day is marked all over the world as the day when workers and their allies engage in actions to give voice to their demands. Today, the major concern is their fight against the inhuman neoliberal system which is causing havoc in their lives and turning societies upside down. The fact that workers all over the world speak out on the same day, expressing demands which everyone has in common, shows the potential power of the working class movement to turn things around and stop the dangers which lie ahead.

In Hamilton, some 200 workers from different sectors of the economy and community members joined a contingent of members and retirees of Local 1005 USW for a rally, march and BBQ. Delegations from various CUPE locals, members of other steelworker locals, along with a delegation from CAW Local 222 Retirees and members from CAW Local 504 were present. read more

Information Update #16 April 26, 2012

Day of Mourning April 28

Declare an End to Workers Not Reporting Accidents for Fear of Reprisals!

- Gary Howe, Vice-President, Local 1005 USW -

On April 28 we take time to mourn the loss of those brothers and sisters who have been killed on the job. We remember them and we think about their families.

We reiterate our support for injured workers – they must receive the compensation to which they are entitled.

We also think about the brothers and sisters who have occupational illnesses and live in fear of losing benefits and pensions, instead of being looked after as they deserve.

Our thoughts go out to all the workers who have no union protection and are forced to work under unaccept­able conditions, especially migrant workers, undocument­ed workers, national minority workers, women and youth.

We like to think that we have made major strides in preventing the workplace tragedies which take place. The fact is that so long as we do not control our working con­ditions and companies are able to put the almighty dollar ahead of human rights and concerns, we are in trouble. We face major challenges with corporations such as U.S. Steel that use behaviour-based safety programs.

At U.S. Steel Canada we have seen workers who af­firmed their right to refuse unsafe work in the coke ovens fired quickly after invoking their rights. This is not only shameful in this day and age, but against the law. So how do companies get away with it? read more

Employment Insurance Sign up

All Laid Off Members from US Steel

We will have a sign up at the Union Hall all next week (April 30-May 4) for whoever needs assistance applying for EI. Any other questions will also be answered at the Union Hall or by phone @ 905 547 1417.

Information Update #15 April 19, 2012

Oppose the Layoffs! Layoffs Are Not Solutions!

Local 1005 has been in­formed that U.S. Steel plans to lay off no less than 50 workers after April 28, 2012. On Thurs­day, April 12, the Union was giv­en a document outlining who is slated to be laid off allegedly be­cause “their seniority and quali­fications under 7.06 of the basic agreement do not keep them in the plant.”

The Union opposes these layoffs which are carried out for the Company’s self-serving reasons. All skilled steelworkers are a significant asset to the Company which should train them on all aspects of steel production so as to make sure it can carry out production on a sustained basis. Instead, the Company treats the workers as a li­ability, not an asset. read more

Information Update #14 April 12, 2012

Harper Government’s Bogus Freedom of Information Where Is the Information? Where Is the Freedom?

Shortly after the Federal Government announced that they had dropped their Investment Canada Act lawsuit against U.S. Steel, a member of the Local 8782 USW executive, on behalf of their local, sent a request to Industry Canada under the Access to Information Act:

“I would like information regarding the court settlement reached between U.S. Steel Inc. and the Federal Government of Canada. To be more specific, I would like a copy of the agreement’s terms and conditions resulting in settlement. Settlement was reached in December, 2011.” read more

Information Update #13 April 5, 2012

Local 1005 Participates in Rally Against Rio Tinto in Alma, Quebec

On March 31, 2012 a busload of Local 1005 USW members and pensioners, family members and friends travelled to Alma, Quebec to participate in the rally and demonstration called by the Syndicat des Métallos Local9490. The Local 1005 delegation joined the 8,000-strong demonstration which included Rio Tinto workers and their families and a broad participation from the community, as well as contingents of workers from all over Quebec along with a delegation from Kitimat, BC and another from Toronto. read more

Giovanni Spagnoli - 78 year old 1005 Pensioner runs in Round the Bay Race

Information Update #12 March 29, 2012

Local 1005 Says No! to the Austerity Budget!

With the release of the Ontario budget on March 27, 2012, it is important to keep two things in mind: we did not cause the deficit, and austerity measures will make things worse. Why is it that society is being forced to pay for a crisis it did not cause and for deficits run up, not in the public interest, but in the interest of a rich and powerful minority? Neither the federal nor provincial levels of government have a mandate from the people to impose an austerity agenda that will wreck our social infrastructure even further. This budget is unacceptable.

Besides this, Local 1005 condemns the threats made by Finance Minister Dwight Duncan when he introduced his budget. Referring to contract negotiations in the health and education sectors, he said, “[I]f no agreement can be struck to protect Ontario’s progress in education and health care, we are prepared to propose necessary administrative and legislative measures to protect the public from service disruptions.” read more

Information Update #11 March 22, 2012

Union Executive in Its Entirety Elected Through Acclamation

Local 1005 USW is pleased to inform you that the entire executive of Local 1005 USW was elected through acclamation following a one month call for nominations and a membership nomination meeting held at the union hall on March 14. The executive is:

President: Rolf Gerstenberger

Vice-President: Gary Howe

Recording Secretary: Dennis Van Meer

Financial Secretary: Ron Wells

Treasurer: Tony McLaughlin

Trustees (3): Joe Cantwell, John Davis, Tim Blackborow

Guards (2): Jim McColl, Dan Bates

Guide: Gary Seguin

Plant Grievance Chairman: Jake Lombardo

Grievance Secretary: Ron Wells

Division 1 Grievance Chairman: Dennis Van Meer

Division 2 Grievance Chairman: no nominations

Division 4 Grievance Chairman: John Davis

MANA Unit Chairperson: Tim Blackborow

MANA Unit Secretary: Joe Mancini

MANA Unit Grievor: Keith Bain

“This executive will continue to fight to defend the rights of all active and retired members of Local 1005 in a manner which involves them in sorting out the problems they and the union face,’” Rolf Gerstenberger said. read more

Rolf Gerstenberger acclaimed as head of USWA 1005

Union leader Rolf Gerstenberger has been re-elected to another three-year term at the head of United Steel Workers Local 1005.

Gerstenberger and the entire executive, ran unopposed at the local’s nomination meeting.

"This executive will continue to fight to defend the rights of all active and retired members of Local 1005 in a manner which involves them in sorting out the problems they and the union face," Gerstenberger said in a news release.

"We face an uncertain future but this is not a reason to panic or fend for ourselves as the company would like us to do. They would like workers to think that they can cut better deals as individuals than if we all stand together and fight for what belongs to us by right," Gerstenberger added.

Returning leaders include vice-president Gary Howe, recording secretary Dennis Van Meer, financial secretary Ron Wells, treasurer Tony McLaughlin and plant grievance chairman Jake Lombardo

Tim Blackborow was also acclaimed as chairman of the 1005 unit at the Max Aicher North America plant.

Gerstenberger added governments must be held to account when it comes to upholding workers' pensions.

The endorsement follows a lengthy and bitter lock out of Local 1005 members at U. S. Steel. The company locked the gates to enforce its demands for radical changes to pension plans.

Once so large it had to hold its meetings at Ivor Wynne Stadium, Local 1005 now has about 650 members. read more

Information Update #10 March 15, 2012

Worrisome Situation at Dofasco

You Be the Judge

- Jake Lombardo -

Do you remember this?: Our Product Is Steel, Our Strength Is People! Where have these words from Dofasco’s catchy slogan gone? Is it true today?

After speaking with my relatives and friends, it is a real shock to hear what is happening to Dofasco workers and retirees. They comment that they did everything that was asked of them. They didn’t organize to get a union; there were no work disruptions – they just went to work and did their jobs. They kept their mouths shut and got whatever raises or benefits the Stelco workers got. Sometimes, to keep them quiet, they even got a little more. All this ended last October. As soon as U.S. Steel was finally able to extort concessions from the Stelco workers, especially closing the pension plan to new hires, ArcelorMittal Dofasco sent a letter to all employees – 10 days later – saying it too would be closing the plan to new hires. Now Dofasco management is coming after the workers, both active and retired, for even more.

Going forward it wants a defined contribution plan for new hires; it wants to cut health care; cut vacations; get rid of pre-retirement for those who don’t have 30 years; get rid of life insurance; change the formula for the fund and who knows what else. read more

Information Update #9 March 8, 2012

Worrisome Situation at Dofasco

Some Changes to Dofasco Workers’ Benefits

During the week of March 5, the workers at Dofasco are being called into meetings and informed that:

• if they do not have 30 years of service as of January 1, 2012 they will not receive the 10 week plus 5 week “service award” when they retire;

• dental coverage is reduced from 80% coverage to 65% coverage;

• dispensing fees on prescriptions will no longer be paid;

• the company will only cover generic drugs;

• new hires after January 1, 2012 will not receive benefits when they retire; and

• vacations will be capped at five weeks for new hires.

Workers will receive documents outlining the changes to the various savings funds by the end of this week. read more

Information Update #8 March 1, 2012

Defending Our Pension Plan Local 1005 Sets up Volunteer

Committee to Study “Framework Document on Risk?Based Regulation”

Local 1005 continues to be concerned over attempts by companies such as U.S. Steel to get out of their pension obligations. Already attempts to undermine our pension plan have been made through fraudulent bankruptcy proceedings and by closing the defined benefit plan to new hires, thereby setting the stage to eliminate the defined benefit plan altogether. In addition, governments at various levels are refusing to provide a secure retirement at a Canadian standard to all Canadians. read more





WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14TH, 2012 @ 4:15 P.M.




nomination form

Membership Meeting Agenda


Information Update #7 February 23, 2012

Local 1005 USW Delegation Visits Locked-Out Rio Tinto Workers

On February 18, a delegation of Local 1005 USW visited the locked out Rio Tinto workers in Alma, Quebec. During the visit Local 1005 announced its worker-driven nation-wide Adopt-a-Worker campaign to raise $77,800 a month to support the locked-out workers. The Alma workers loudly applauded when President Rolf Gerstenberger said it was to give individual workers and their local unions in every province and sector of the economy the opportunity to raise their voice against what these multinationals are doing to extort concessions and impose unfettered monopoly right and the refusal of governments to hold them to account. “When we support you, we fight for ourselves. Your struggle is our struggle,” Rolf said. read more

Alma Quebec lockout video 2012

Information Update #6 February 16, 2012

Local 1005 USW Starts Adopt-a-Worker

Campaign to Support Rio Tinto Workers in Alma, Quebec

Local 1005 USW is informing you about its Adopt-a-Worker Campaign in support of the 778 workers locked out by Rio Tinto Alcan in Alma, Quebec. The aim of the campaign is to raise $77,800 a month on the basis of a $100 contribution per Alma worker from local unions, individuals and organizations across the country.

Local 1005 USW calls on you to help make the campaign a success by contributing what you can and getting others to contribute. This mobilization will inform workers coast to coast to coast of what Rio Tinto Alcan is doing and the courageous struggle of the Alma workers to defend their rights. From Alma, Rio Tinto will move its offensive to plants it plans to close in Quebec and abroad, as well as to Kitimat, BC where the contract expires this July.

By letting the Alma workers know that their fight is our fight, this mobilization will contribute to defeating any attempt by Rio Tinto to isolate them and their just fight against the company’s demand for unfettered subcontracting rights. read more

Information Update #5 February 9, 2012

U.S. Steel Reports 2011

U.S. Steel’s 2011 report sets a somewhat optimistic tone for continued recovery in North America. Steelworkers, however, should read it with caution as it is meant to encourage investors, not explain how things really stand. While it sets an optimistic tone, it is clear it hedges its bets for the coming period to calculate how all the uncertainties will play out, including the contract negotiations with its American workforce.

Despite this, Information Update points out that the report has nothing in common with the Chicken Little sensational comments in the local newspaper that the sky is falling on Hamilton Works, which we conclude are socially irresponsible and meant to discourage workers and have them accept economic collapse as inevitable. Coupled with the devastating news about the closure of the Caterpillar/EMD plant in London, workers are supposed to feel powerless because they have been rendered voiceless by governments whose only mission is to cater to the demand of the monopolies to be competitive on global markets.

This goes to the heart of our problem with the U.S. Steel report. The report marginalizes steelworkers in general and Canadians in particular. It reduces the actual producers of the wealth, that Pittsburgh is divvying up at our expense, to passive on?lookers of their own fate. All control and decision?making is centred in private hands in Pittsburgh. read more

Information Update #4 February 2, 2012

Chicken Little Squawks Again – Buyer Beware

Sensationalism in journalism is nothing new but the Hamilton Spectator seems to take the cake. Call us naive but the extent of its social irresponsibility never ceases to amaze us. It seems to be very keen to rile people up. What unknown greater purpose is served by trying to panic steelworkers and their families and the businesses which depend on them?

In our opinion, the Spec’s banner headline published February 1 was sensationalist and so was the story. The headline read, “A Blow to Steeltown – No Steelmaking in Hamilton Plant in Foreseeable Future.” The story spoke about layoffs in the offing as a result and created an overall impression of impending doom.

The union was on the January 31 conference call between U.S. Steel CEO John Surma and analysts and investors. Not only does the headline fail to convey that Surma was talking about expectations for the first quarter 2012 but the story’s focus on layoffs created a wrong impression. In our opinion it is inflammatory. The workers already know that guarantee of employment for workers in the steelmaking departments was only 26 weeks.

If this isn’t an example of Chicken Little squawking that the sky is falling when this time even an acorn didn’t fall on his head, we don’t know what is. The fact remains that the CEO did not announce anything the workers did not already know. The Spec’s headline could have read, “Nothing New, CEO Says.” read more

Information Update #3 January 26, 2012

London Day of Action Local 1005 Joins Thousands Supporting Caterpillar Workers

read more



Information Update #2 January 12, 2012

Canadian and U.S. Workers Stand as One

As we reported last week, Electro- Motive Diesel/Caterpillar in London, Ontario has locked out its 400 workers and is demanding they submit to draconian conditions which include wage cuts of up to 50%, elimination of benefits and pensions, and threats to move production to Muncie, Indiana. Reports are circulating that the company is advertising for managers for the Muncie operation. The ads require experience in a “non-union” environment.

U.S. Steel Must Train Current Workers

During the 2010-2011 negotiations, when the final agreement on the new contract was reached, U.S. Steel made an issue that it would start up production of the Finishing End (the Cold Mill and Z-line) but it would not start up the Blast Furnace for the foreseeable future. It said it would employ all 622 workers for 26 weeks, but 150 workers were “unslotted” – they would not hold jobs in the reduced production schedule. The union maintained that the 26 week period should be used to train the so-called unslotted in production jobs, especially in the Cold Mill and Z-Line areas which are short of qualified people due to retirements. The company agreed that this was a good idea and gave the impression that this would be done. Now, three months later, so called unslotted workers have yet to be trained to do the Finishing end, but the company wants to increase the shifts the plant is going to run and there are not enough trained workers. What should the workers do about that? read more

Hamilton Labour Joins OFL’s Day of Action Against Caterpillar and Corporate Greed

The Hamilton and District Labour Council is chartering buses to take workers and solidarity partners to London for the massive rally in support of the members of CAW Local 27 who were locked out New Years Day by Electro-Motive Canada, a subsidiary of U.S. industrial giant Caterpillar Inc. This profitable employer is demanding a 50% pay cut and deep concessions to pensions and benefits. They also intend to use scabs to keep the plant operational, although many suspect the real agenda is to move the work to Indiana.

In the words of OFL President Sid Ryan, this rally will “define 2012 as a year of labour action and solidarity”.

Get on the Bus!

Buses will depart at 8:00 am on Saturday, January 21, 2012 from 1130 Barton St. East in Hamilton. The rally takes place at Victoria Park ( Wellington St and Dufferin Ave) in London starting at 11:00 am

To register for a seat on the bus, call the Labour Council at 905 547 2944 or send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Information Update #1 January 5, 2012

Local 1005 USW Expresses Fighting Unity

with Rio Tinto and EMD Workers

Local 1005 USW expresses its militant support for the just cause of the workers opposing Rio Tinto in Alma, Quebec and Electro-Motive Diesel in London, Ontario. Both companies are attempting to impose narrow self-serving interests onto the workers at the expense of everything and everyone, no matter what damage it causes.

The issue for the workers in Alma and London is the same as the issue we face: how to make our fight effective. Local 1005 spent more than 11 months fighting a phony lock out because U.S. Steel thought that it could use the mafia method of extortion to achieve its aims. We learned that it is by opposing the very thought that problems can be sorted out by resorting to acting with impunity that we can find a way forward. It is not always so obvious what the way forward will be, but definitely, we know that concessions where we give up our security and cannot exercise our rights are definitely not a solution to anything. Even these companies keep coming back for more! The demands these companies make on us are to deprive us of a guaranteed security in retirement and a livelihood on the basis of which we can sustain ourselves and our families and our regions and have peace of mind and live in dignity, not on bended knee. Whether it is pensions or demands to contract out or reduce our wages or any other demand, these companies refuse to negotiate. It is their way or the highway. read more

A Very Special Thank-You From USW Local 1005

On behalf of the Executive, Members both active and retired we would like to thank the Hamilton Community, the Unions and the Businesses who stood strong behind us in our fight against U.S. Steel during the 11 month Lock Out.

Without your help our struggles would have been much harder to deal with. People like you who defended and supported our efforts did not go unnoticed. We greatly appreciate your assistance and we would like to wish you all. Click on the link below to see the names of the individuals and groups that supported us.

click here



Information Update #45 December 15, 2011

Harper Government Capitulates to U.S. Steel

Local 1005 USW condemns the Harper government for letting U.S. Steel off the hook for the damage it has caused the Hamilton region steel communities since seizing Stelco in 2007. The announced $50 million settlement in the Attorney-General’s lawsuit is a pittance compared with the hundreds of millions of dollars in actual and potential value that U.S. Steel has ripped out of our communities.

U.S. Steel’s commitment to continue operations only until 2015 sounds like a threat to close operations completely at that time and abandon the pension funds. Local 1005 will immediately step up the work to defend the pension funds using all means at our disposal. We have not received any guarantees either from the company or from governments that they will make the pension funds secure and whole by 2015. On the contrary, U.S. Steel executives have made threats saying that the pension funds and other benefits are not their responsibility as they were contracted with Stelco. read more

Information Update #44 December 8, 2011

USW Basic Steel Industry Conference Canadian Steelworkers Stand with

American Steelworkers as They Prepare for 2012 Contract Negotiations

On Dec. 1, the United Steelworkers held a Basic Steel Industry Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to prepare for the 2012 contract negotiations. A Local 1005 USW delegation comprised of President Rolf Gerstenberger and executive members Dennis Van Meer, Tony Mclaughlin and Ron Wells joined 200 other delegates representing USW locals across the U.S. and Canada employed in the steel industry, including those at U.S. Steel and ArcelorMittal.

The negotiations involve 41,000 American steelworkers whose contracts expire in September 2012. The conference received eleven presentations on issues of concern to the negotiations including an assessment of the industry prepared by “Steel Market Intelligence” and power point presentations on “The U.S. and World Markets”; “Raw Material Update”; “Taking on the Global Economy,” amongst others. Information was also presented on the status of the Steelworker Pension Trust and the Voluntary Employee’s Beneficiary Association (VEBA) plans. These are programs which the USW has put in place since the steel industry abandoned more than 240,000 pensioners from 2000 to 2003 and because of the imposition of two-tier pension plans – the defined benefit plan and the defined contribution plan. read more

Information Update #43 December 1, 2011

Local 1005 Thanks Ontario Workers and Unions for Support

Four executive members of Local 1005 USW, Rolf Gerstenberger, Gary Howe, Dennis Van Meer and Jake Lombardo attended the Ontario Federation of Labour Convention from Nov. 21-25. They exchanged experiences with many of the 1,400 delegates attending the Convention. During the strike appeal session, Rolf specifically thanked the OFL and the many workers and union locals for their support during the 11-month phony lock-out imposed on the steelworkers by U.S. Steel. He emphasized the significance of the opposition by workers and their unions to the attacks of the monopolies, denouncing the back to work legislation against postal workers and Air Canada workers as well as attempts by corporations like Vale Inco and U.S. Steel to act with impunity. read more

Information Update # 42 November 24, 2011

Steelworkers and Rail Car Workers Call Demonstration in Support of Canadian Wheat Board

We are demonstrating on Friday against the Harper government’s wanton destruction of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). His actions to railroad through Parliament Bill C-18, the Marketing Freedom for Grain Farmers Act, even though the majority of Prairie farmers oppose it, has significant ramifications for the livelihoods and way of life of not just prairie farmers but also the rest of us. Because of the Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement (CETA) and now the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) the plan is to also dismantle all marketing boards. This will profoundly affect Ontario and Quebec farmers and the way of life of all Canadians. All those who work in industries related to food processing and the agricultural sector will also be affected, as will everybody because we all eat food. read more

Information Update # 41 November 17, 2011

Anniversary of U.S. Steel’s Phony Lock Out

Necessity to Hold Governments to Account

On November 21, the Ontario Legislature opens with a Speech from the Throne. On the same day, an “Economic Summit” gets underway as does the Convention of the On­tario Federation of Labour. In all of this a crucial question for steelworkers and the people of Hamilton is: Who is going to hold governments to account?

The “Speech from the Throne” is sure to tell us all how we must tighten our belts for the greater good while the govern­ment continues the course started by Mike Harris to open On­tario for business. In the name of prosperity and job creation, everything was done to cut spending on social programs and gut them. Talk about eliminating deficits and reducing debt under Mike Harris increased the debt and, since then under McGuinty, jobs have continued to disappear with increasing speed and tons of money has been handed over to corpora­tions in the name of job creation. In the case of the former Stelco, a $150 million “loan” upon exiting bankruptcy protec­tion made $100 million forgivable if the company, now U.S. Steel, meets its commitments under the law to make the pen­sion fund solvent. If that is not cynical, what is? read more

Christmas 2011 Plant Gate Collection

Wednesday December 14th, 2011 Main Gate

5:30am – 7:00pm

As the festive season draws near our thoughts go out to those less fortunate.

Please take this opportunity to help by giving generously.

We will do everything possible to keep the traffic going smoothly.

click here for more details

Information Update # 40 November 10, 2011

Return to Work

Union Keeps Foremen in Line

Overall the Union and workers report that the return to work at Hamilton Works is going smoothly. Most of the workers have reported back with only 25 members still missing. The main problem the Union is looking out for and dealing with is any attempts foremen might make to circumvent the seniority rules in order to place someone they favour in a job which rightly belongs to someone else.

As you know, the Company announced it would not be starting up the Hamilton Works’ blast furnace which refers to the primary end of the operation. They are only running the coke ovens, by-products, the cold mill and the Z-line. This requires about 500 workers but the workers forced them to take back all 733 current employees for at least 26 weeks. This requires that all workers are placed in the jobs they are entitled to and that all workers are provided the required training for the job, especially those who would normally be working in the primary end.

The Union committee in charge of the return to work is comprised of Jake Lombardo, Ron Wells and Dennis Van Meer. They report that after the contract was accepted four weeks ago, the first three weeks were dedicated to the safety and health training for our members. The workers came back in three waves. The Union and Company have been meeting on a weekly basis to have a smooth transition and get the right people in so we can remove salaried people off bargaining unit jobs, Jake explained. read more


Information Update # 39 November 3, 2011

U.S. Steel Executives Report 3rd Quarter Results

U.S. Steel’s 3rd qt results and October 25 conference call have little information directly related to Hamilton or Lake Erie Works. One of the few comments came from CEO Surma who said, “With the ratification of a new three-year labour agreement at Hamilton Works on Oc­tober 15, 2011, we expect to restart the steel finishing facilities in a staged process late in the fourth quarter. In addition to the idled facility carrying costs [reported at $40 million per quarter. – Information Update], we expect to incur approximately $30 million in costs related to the ratification of the Hamilton Works labour agreement and associated facility restart costs.” read more

$1,000 Pension Payment

The ratification one time Lump Sum payment of $1,000 will be paid out to all eligible pensioners the last week of November 2011.

Information Update # 38 October 26, 2011

Workers Start Returning to Work

U.S. Steel has a policy that before workers can re­turn to work after layoffs, strikes or lockouts they must undergo a week of health and safety training.

Beginning October 18, 2011, 210 workers started re­turning to work for 40 hours of health and safety training. They are assigned to various jobs in the coke ovens, cold mill and Z-line departments. The second group of about 205 workers began their health and safety training on Oc­tober 24 with the final group beginning October 31.

Local 1005 would like to bring to your attention that each group of returning workers should have 250 work­ers. It is therefore clear that the rosters of returning work­ers are not complete. read more

Information Update # 37 October 18, 2011

Tentative Agreement Ratified

On Saturday October 15, members of Local 1005 USW ratified a three-year contract with U.S. Steel. With 612 of 733 eligible voters casting a ballot, 61 per cent voted in favour of the contract and 39 per cent were opposed.

Local 1005 pointed out after the vote that all members were well informed about the contract. “We wanted to make sure all our members were fully aware of the situation they face and of the responsibilities towards not just themselves and their families, but also towards the retirees, the future generation of workers, their union and their community,” Local 1005 President Rolf Gerstenberger pointed out.

It is also clear that practically nobody was pleased with the contract which contains the two major conces­sions U.S. Steel would not budge on – it gives up indexing on pensions and deprives new hires of a defined benefit pension plan. Despite this, to the best of their ability and for as long as it still had meaning, active and retired mem­bers of Local 1005 showed U.S. Steel in no uncertain terms that Hamilton steelworkers will kow-tow to noone.

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Tentative Agreement Has Been Ratified!

The contract was accepted by 61 %. We have made a huge effort so that the members can make an informed vote on whether to accept or reject this contract. We wanted to ensure that they are fully aware of the situation they face and of the responsibilities towards not just themselves and their families, but also towards the retirees, the future generation of workers, their union and their community. This whole process has shown that there are serious challenges facing us going forward.

To our Members: We have met with the company and they will start returning members to the plant as early as Tuesday October 18, 2011 for Health & Safety training for a week. This training will take place over the course of three weeks. Once your safety training has been completed you will be placed in the plant. The company will start making phone calls to all active members starting tomorrow October 16, 2011 to advise you of your return to work date. Benefits will be effective tomorrow Sunday October 16, 2011.

If you have changed your phone number since the lockout of November 7, 2010 you need to call the company and inform them of your current phone number. If you intend to retire you can pick up Intent to Retire form at the Union Hall. Any other questions can be answered by calling the Union Hall 905 547 1417.

A Tentative Settlement Between

United Steelworkers Local 1005


U.S. Steel Canada Inc.

- Hamilton Works

Highlights of the three-year agreement

see details here

Information Update #36 October 11, 2011

U.S. Steel’s Attempts to Argue “Common Sense” in Federal Court Backfire

When Arrogance and Stickhandling Give Rise to Abject Humiliation

Abject: adjective

1. (of a situation or condition) Extremely bad, unpleasant, and degrading.

2. contemptible; despicable; base-spirited: an abject coward. 3. shamelessly servile; slavish.

Synonyms: miserable - mean - vile - wretched - despicable - poor

Information Update is happy to report that on October 6, steelworkers won a small victory in federal court. All the definitions of the word abject above apply to what steelworkers witnessed there when U.S. Steel lost its appeal for the second time. “It was truly amazing to see the mighty U.S. Steel brought to its knees for its incredible arrogance of thinking that it could appeal a second time the same decision it already lost once despite having absolutely no new law to argue,” Local 1005 USW President Rolf Gerstenberger, present in the court, told Information Update. read more

Information Update #35 October 3, 2011

Workers Outraged at U.S. Steel’s Refusal to Negotiate in Good Faith

Well over 1,000 active members of Local 1005 and retirees filled the hall where the September 29 Information Meeting on the status of contract talks with U.S. Steel was held. They received a report on the latest developments from President Rolf Gerstenberger, with additional presentations by other members of the Local’s Negotiating Committee Jake Lombardo, Tony McLaughlin and Gary Howe.

The workers applauded the Negotiating Committee’s rejection of the company’s refusal to negotiate and the union’s refusal to dignify the company’s arrogant demand for an answer to what it called its “offer” with a response. read more

INFORMATION UPDATE #34 September 26, 2011

Local 1005 to Hold Second Information Meeting

Please be informed that on September 29 Local 1005 USW is holding a Second Information Meeting to update its members and retirees on the status of its contract talks with U.S. Steel. As you know, Local 1005 met with the company on September13. It then held a Membership Meeting on September14 and a President’s Forum (the Thursday meeting) on September 15. At both meetings, the Negotiating Committee informed members and retirees about the Company offer. It then met with the company once again on September 19 to present the workers’ concerns about the Company’s offer following which the Local held an Information Meeting on September 21. read more

Information Update #33 September 19, 2011

USW Local 1005 to Hold Information Meeting on Negotiations

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 – 7:00 pm

Michaelangelo Banquet Centre

1555 Upper Ottawa St., Hamilton

A week ago, on September 13, US Steel presented USW Local 1005 with what it said was a new comprehensive offer of settlement for a new contract. Local 1005’s Negotiating Committee received the offer and adjourned the meeting until today. It then presented the offer to the Local Executive and a verbal report on the offer to its monthly membership meeting on September 14. It proposed a motion which passed unanimously to hold an information meeting on Wednesday, September 21 “so that the Negotiating Committee can present a report on the offer and the workers can receive the information they require to consider all their options.”

The resolution noted that the offer presented by U.S. Steel is “substantially the same as the offer presented prior to locking the workers out on November 7, 2010, as concerns the demands to give up indexing of pensions and permitting new hires to go into a defined contribution plan instead of being part of the defined benefit plan. read more

Information Update #32 September 12, 2011

To All Active and Retired Members and the Hamilton Community

Negotiations with U.S. Steel What Can We Expect?

As you know, a lawyer for U.S. Steel called USW Local 1005 to inform us that U.S. Steel would present us with a new comprehensive offer on September 13. Since then, active and retired workers have been mulling over what to expect and where we go from here.

In this regard, a general opinion has emerged that says the workers do not expect much from U.S. Steel as concerns what they will offer. They expect it to be a refurbished version of the same demands. They wonder whether U.S. Steel will use the occasion to again challenge the union to hold a vote on its demands. One rumour has it that U.S. Steel is too cynical for its own good and that if no settlement is reached before the winter, it will wait until the cold sets in and workers are suitably starving to call a vote at that time. read more

Information Update #31 September 5, 2011

U.S. Steel Calls Conciliator

We are pleased to inform you that on August 31, 2011 we received a call from the conciliator informing us that U.S. Steel had a comprehensive settlement to offer USW Local 1005. A meeting has been organised for September 13, 2011 to put the offer on the table for discussion.

USW Local 1005 can only consider the fact that this meeting has been called by USS to be a positive development. We have of course accepted the invitation to attend the meeting.

In October 2010, before U.S. Steel imposed its phony lockout, it categorically declared that no negotiations on a new contract would take place unless USW Local 1005 agreed to give up indexing of pensions and agree to close the pension plan to new hires. Since USW Local 1005 has definitely not submitted to this dictate, does the fact that USS has called a meeting and is to put a comprehensive offer on the table for discussion mean that it has given up its demand for these two preconditions and that finally we can engage in good faith bargaining? read more


Information Update #30 August 29, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye – USW Local 1005 Weighs In

In approving an injunction against USW Local 1005, the judge declared that Local 1005 had provided no proof that the bricklayers crossing its picket line were scabs. This is a hilarious statement given, as the judge said, scabbing is legal in Ontario and that refuting proof of scabbing is not a requirement to grant an injunction! Despite this, several affected parties seem to think they have been vindicated by the judge’s pronouncement – notably Hamilton’s own Benedict Arnold, U.S. Steel’s “I lost my GPS” Trevor Harris and now several others who seem to think the bricklayers deserve an apology for being called scabs. So we thought we would weigh in on the matter.

By any definition one wants to use, performing the work of Local 1005 members, or facilitating others to perform the work of 1005 members, is scabbing. read more

Information Update #29 August 22, 2011

1.1 Billion Reasons Why U.S. Steel Should Settle with Local 1005

Lately we have all been reading the paper, listening to the radio and watching CH news and what do we read, see and hear? That U.S. Steel would rather crater Hamilton Works than settle with 1005.

Since November 7, 2010 when U.S. Steel locked the gates and put the workers on the streets, our Local permitted the company to keep the coke ovens running. In fact it has done everything possible to make sure the plant could be properly maintained and that the coke ovens would not be harmed as a result of U.S. Steel’s shutdown. As concerns the work on the treatment plant, the company that was doing the work to build the coke oven water treatment plant pulled out its equipment once the lock-out occurred and U.S. Steel has never raised the issue with the Union. read more

Information Update #28 August 12, 2011

What It Means to Be Realistic

Analyzing the objective conditions in the steel sector, the conclusions we draw from this analysis are in sharp contrast to the contempt for us expressed by U.S. Steel executive managers and our local Hamilton newspaper and the boorish comments from the steel experts it generally quotes.

In reporting on the demands of Local 1005 members and retirees for their rights against the unjust refusal of executive managers of U.S. Steel to bargain in good faith, the fluctuation of steel prices since 2009 is raised as a reason why our demands are not realistic. The issue of steel prices has long concerned Local 1005. We have said consistently that these price fluctuations are detrimental to the economy and not sustainable, especially in a crucial basic sector such as steel. read more

Information Update #27 August 5, 2011

Negotiating Committee Gets Resounding Endorsement

The Spirit of ’46 Alive and Well at Local 1005!

On August 3 USW Local 1005 held a Special Meeting at the request of 13 union members to consider the question: Do you support the strategy of the negotiating committee? More than 1,200 active and retired members of Local 1005 attended the meeting. President Rolf Gerstenberger presented the report of the negotiating committee, followed by ninety minutes of discussion. More than 25 people spoke to the question and then the assembly voted overwhelmingly in support of the negotiating committee. Of 510 active members present (of a total of 680), only 30 voted against the union strategy.

read more

Information Update #26 August 2, 2011

Time to Restart Production at Hamilton Works

The U.S. Steel shutdown of Hamilton Works is now entering its ninth month. The estimated cost to the company for the shutdown of steel production is around $77 million per quarter in direct costs and lost potential net earnings.

Economic conditions in the North American steel sector are now markedly different from last autumn when USS CEO John Surma said “bad economic conditions” forced the idling of the blast furnace at Hamilton Works and subsequent lock-out of USW Local 1005 steelworkers Nov. 7.

The refusal of CEO Surma to negotiate with Canadian employees at Hamilton Works is needlessly wasting valuable company revenue. Presently all North American USS mills except Hamilton Works are operating at near full capacity. The hit on net earnings is evident in the second quarter (2Q) USS financial report. The company admits that idling costs of Hamilton Works are $40 million per quarter. The loss in potential net earnings is similar. The figures show an average realized flat-rolled price per

ton of $803 for the quarter compared with $700 a year ago and a low of $647 during fourth quarter (4Q) 2010. The higher realized price and sales pushed up quarterly net earnings for the North American flat-rolled segment to $374 million compared to $111 million during the same quarter a year ago and a loss of $36 million for first quarter (1Q) 2011. The $374 million in net earnings for 2Q means the company missed approximately $37 million of potential net earnings for the quarter given that Hamilton Works accounts for 10 per cent of the flat-rolled segment. read more

Information Update 65th Anniversary Special Edition

65 Years and Still Fighting


On the occasion of the 65th Anniversary celebration of USW Local 1005, the Executive of Local 1005 greets all its members, pensioners, pensioner's spouses, the entire labour movement and all of Hamilton.

During World War II and in 1946, Stelco steelworkers of Local 1005 stood as one with their community and country to fight for a better world for themselves and others. They built a better world through their heroic struggles during the war against fascism, in '46 and throughout the years.

In 2011, we steelworkers are determined to defend what they built before us to which we contribute throughout our lives. We are determined to go forward to a secure future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. We did not inherit the Spirit of '46 to leave this world in worse shape than what we were given.

We thank all of our members for upholding the Spirit of '46 and fighting for themselves and others. We thank the trade union movement, the Hamilton community and others across Canada for standing with us in defending our rights and the rights of all. We firmly believe that our security lies in our struggle to defend our rights and the rights of all. read more

Information Update #24 July 18, 2011

Workers’ Arts and Heritage Centre Joins Us to Celebrate 65th Anniversary of Local 1005!

Information Update is pleased to inform you that Hamilton’s Workers’ Arts and Heritage Centre (WAHC) enthusiastically agreed to join the work to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the founding of USW Local 1005 and will be putting together a display for the July 23 all-day event at Gage Park. The Workers’ Arts and Heritage Centre has extensive archives on the history of Local1005 and the labour movement in Hamilton and is preparing an exhibition under the theme “The Spirit of ’46.” The display which will be featured on July 23 is part of an exciting collaboration between the Centre and Local 1005 which will include producing an educational historical exhibit that will tour Steeltown in the fall. read more

Information Update #23 July 4, 2011

The People vs U.S. Steel

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath Joins Locked-Out Steelworkers on the Line

”I’m certainly not happy that a company like this can tell your retired sisters and brothers that the pensions they thought they’d earned aren’t going to be there. That’s just not the way we should be doing business in Ontario or Canada,” Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath told locked-out steelworkers on the line on June 28.

Andrea, who is also the MPP for Hamilton Centre, was accompanied by David Christopherson, MP for Hamilton Centre, USW National Director Ken Neumann and introduced by Local 1005 President Rolf Gerstenberger. They were given a militant reception by about 100 workers. read more

Information Update #22 June 27, 2011

Rally in Support of Locked Out Steelworkers

The People vs. U.S. Steel

Local 1005 is pleased to inform you that on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. Provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, also our MPP for Hamilton Centre, will be visiting the picket line at the Wilcox Lockout gate to rally support for our just cause.

Since November 7, 2010, U.S. Steel has kept us in a phoney lockout. Its aim is to extort concessions on pensions despite the legal commitments it made to the Government of Ontario when it promised to maintain the current pension regime until 2015. read more

Information Update #21 June 21, 2011

U.S. Steel’s Pyrrhic Victory

Despite Injunction Steelworkers Still Have 8.6 Million Reasons Why No Means No!

In thirty minutes on the morning of June 16, 2011, the Ontario Superior Court approved an application for a permanent injunction submitted to the Superior Court by the Attorney General of Canada (AG), restraining United Steelworkers Local 1005 “from impeding or delaying the operation of the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge; and delaying any ship from entering or leaving Hamilton Harbour.”

The AG was named as the applicant and Rolf Gerstenberger as an individual and as a representative of the members of USW Local 1005 and persons presently unidentified, were named as the respondents.

The workers packed the courtroom and demonstrated outside the hearing against the move to criminalize their attempts to hold U.S. Steel to account for the economic damage it is causing the workers, their families and Hamilton by using its dominant position to extort concessions from the workers. read more

Information Update #20 June 13, 2011

Steelworkers Defend Themselves and Their City

It is already known that on Friday (June 10) the Superior Court approved two interim injunctions against USW Local 1005. Steelworkers and citizens of Hamilton are once again amazed by the speed with which injunctions are passed against the workers whose only “crime” is to defend their rights while the companies can operate with impunity and this is not considered a problem at all.

“For more than seven months the workers have been subjected to a phoney lock?out,” Rolf Gerstenberger told Information Update. “Prior to that it was shutdowns and layoffs, a workforce cut down through attrition, etc. The economic interests of the workers and the city of Hamilton are harmed to the tune of millions of dollars in lost wages, taxes, and services. The lives of thousands upon thousands of human beings are disrupted – that is men, women, children and old folk who are forced into economic, mental and physical insecurity. Does the government threaten cease and desist orders against U.S. Steel? No! Does it resort to injunctions outlawing U.S. Steel from its harmful activities? No! But no sooner the actions of the steelworkers become effective, bam...what are called the ‘economic players’ together with various government departments, their representatives, lawyers and the courts go into action against the workers.” read more

Information Update #19 June 6, 2011

Steelworkers Upbeat About Their Anniversary

The preparations for Local 1005’s 65th Anniversary Celebration are in full swing. Information Update spoke with 1005 retiree and long time activist Tom Pollock, one of the organizers of the event. Tom said, “The preparations are looking very good. The businesses in the community are getting behind us with astronomical support. We have about 75% of the food commitments as well as the infrastructure is almost all complete. It will be a great day.”

Information Update also spoke with Executive Member Tony McLaughlin, who is also a member of the organizing committee. “There are five bands lined up to perform already,” Tony said. “They all have some connection with Stelco,” he said, adding that other entertainment is also lining up, especially for the children. “It is a family affair. It will be a great day,” he said. read more

Letter from Department of Justice to Local 1005

Lift Bridge video

Information Update #18 May 30, 2011

Join Local 1005 to Celebrate 65th Anniversary of Its Founding!

USW Local 1005 is inviting all members, pensioners, their families, friends and supporters and the entire Hamilton Community to celebrate the 65th anniversary of its founding on July 23, 2011. The anniversary will be kicked off with a celebration on Saturday, July 23, at Gage Park from 11:00 a.m. to 12 midnight. This is also an occasion to celebrate the contributions which all Hamiltonians have made during the past 65 years to make the community what it is today. Everyone is welcome! read more


To Affiliated locals and friends of the Hamilton and District Labour Council.


Solidarity is essential if workers are to succeed in beating back the demands of unreasonable employers. This unity extends beyond those on strike or locked out to brothers and sisters in other unions. The labour movement has long maintained that attempts to break the resolve of fellow union members by crossing a picket line to assist their employer continue to operate, and, especially, to do the work of those on strike or locked out is contemptible and reprehensible. Such behaviour is intolerable and cannot stand! read full letter from HDLC

The Federal Court of Appeal has dismissed US Steel's challenge to the constitutionality of the Investment Canada Act.

read full decision here

Information Update #17 May 24, 2011

Keep Stelco Producing!

Steelworkers and Community Members Oppose Removal of Stelco Coke

On the evening of May 18, some 70 workers and community members held a protest on the Hamilton Lift Bridge to stop Canada Steamship Lines’ vessel Paul Mar­tin leaving with coke from Hamilton Works. Local 1005 Vice-President Gary Howe, reiterated to reporters that “there’s a demand for steel in Canada and we feel [U.S. Steel] should be starting up Hamilton and making steel in Canada for Canada.”

On Saturday, May 22, workers, pensioners and com­munity members again occupied the bridge all day Satur­day to prevent the same ship taking away another load.

Hamiltonians are adamant that the coke be used for its intended purpose of production at Hamilton Works. read more

Information Update #16 May 16, 2011

Local 1005 Did Not Lock Out Its Members –Why Are Some Forces Trying to Create Panic?

Since 2003, huge pressure has been put on Hamilton steelworkers to give up our pension plan while we have seen three different owners all take huge profits from Stelco.

It is important to calmly look at the current situation and see how ridiculous it would be to give in to the current cor­porate bully attack.

In my opinion, it is in U.S. Steel’s interest to start up Hil­ton Works again. But it still insists on getting workers to give in to their demands. Think about it – the price of steel has gone up considerably since we were locked out. U.S. Steel CEO John Surma even gave himself a $8.6 million raise but wants our 900 members to shaft new hires and vote to shaft our 9,000 pensioners because U.S. Steel says it won’t index pensioners’ pensions anywhere else.

I was present at the Steelworkers Hall on August 27, 2007, when CEO Surma, Chief Financial Officer Gretchen Haggerty and U.S. Steel representatives came up. Surma said U.S. Steel did its due diligence. U.S. Steel has no prob­lem with our contract or pensions, and in fact they are such a good employer they put $400 million voluntarily into the U.S. Steel pension plans, Surma said.

USW Local 1005 President Rolf Gerstenberger responded saying that we were concerned about being the last Canadian steel company. U.S. Steel’s takeover of Stelco was analogous to U.S. Steel being bought by a foreign country such as China or Russia, he pointed out. Some guarantees were necessary, he said. Surma said he understood. They were not too happy with paying $38.50 a share for Stelco, Surma added.

This situation gave former Stelco CEO Rodney Mott and crew $1.2 billion in profit that they took out of the company when it was sold to U.S. Steel. read more

Speech on Parliament Hill May 1st 2011 by Rolf Gerstenberger

The Harper government is the worst since 1945. His government has no respect for the post-war norms that established certain equilibrium in society between the working class and monopolies. Every aspect of life is tilted towards serving big business including annexation of Canada to the U.S. Empire. The Harper regime and similar ones in Quebec and the provinces have no respect for the rights of Canadians, let alone recognize their sovereign right to decide their own affairs. The Harper regime must be stopped!

Today, the Harper government and others are annexing not only the economy but even government ministries, the armed forces and border agencies into a United States of North American monopolies and their wars of aggression and occupation. USW Local 1005 calls on workers across the country and in Quebec to take up the work to change the situation through your own efforts, no matter which party or combination of parties forms the next government. read more


Media Advisory: OFL President Sid Ryan to Join Sunday Rally on Parliament Hill for Pensions and Workers' Rights

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 29, 2011) - The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) will be joining locked-out members of USW Local 1005 as they take their protest about wages, pensions and foreign-ownership directly to Parliament Hill on the eve of the federal election. On Sunday, May 1, 2011, up to 20 busloads of Hamilton Steelworkers and supporters from different parts of the province will travel to Ottawa to demand that the federal government defend pensions and hold foreign-owned corporations accountable.

OFL President Sid Ryan will be speaking at the rally and will be on hand for media interviews.

WHO: Hamilton steelworkers and supporters joined by OFL President Sid Ryan
WHAT: Rally to protest attacks on pensions and workers' rights in Canada
WHEN: 1:00 p.m., Sunday, May 1, 2011
WHERE: Rally at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, followed by a march to Victoria Island

read more

Information Update #14 April 29, 2011

Join Us on May 1st on Parliament Hill!

USW Local 1005 Calls on You to Take Up the Work to Change the Situation!

On November 2, 2010, in a meeting with a mediator, the union and U.S. Steel, U.S. Steel Canada dictated its terms to renew the collective agreement The Union must agree to end indexing for the 9,000 pensioners and to close the pension plan to new hires, U.S. Steel said. There were to be no negotiations unless these conditions were met.

read more

Information Update # 13 April 25, 2011

Join Us on May 1st on Parliament Hill!

USW Local 1005 Calls on You to Take Up the Work to Change the Situation!

Hamilton Steelworkers and their supporters bring the fight for Canada’s pensioners and working families to Parliament Hill. We demand government that serves workers and their communities, not foreign corporations. Steelworkers Local 1005 members have been locked out of their jobs by U.S. Steel for six months. Fight back! read more

Information Update # 12 April 18, 2011

Concessions Are Not Solutions! 8.6 Million Reasons Why...

U.S. Steel should give up its phoney lock-out of Stelco workers and get back to producing steel, the workers are saying. Economically, U.S. Steel stands to gain more by making and selling steel than sustaining its phoney lock-out, they say. And this is true. When we say that “concessions are not solutions” it is a well established economic truth. Any general suppression of the workers’ purchasing power intensifies the economic crisis because it has a multiplier effect -- it depresses spending generally, wrecking the economy. It even drives down the claims of most monopolies. read more

Information Update # 11 April 11, 2011

The Spirit of ’46 -- No Means No! 8.6 Million Reasons Why...

Not surprisingly, locked-out 1005 members and pensioners have not received kindly the news of U.S. Steel CEO’s “compensation” package. According to the Hamilton Spectator (March 22) John Surma’s total compensation package for 2010 included a “$1.1 million salary, $4.3 million worth of stock, $2.1 million in stock options, $458,640 in non-stock income, $3.9 million in pension changes and $188,000 in ‘other income.’” This was a $8.6 million increase from his 2009 “compensation” package.

read more


download flyer here

video clip for May 1st in Ottawa

Information Update # 10 April 4, 2011

Support the Just Struggle of the Public Sector Workers in Toronto!

A contingent organized by USW Local 1005 will participate in the Toronto Rally for Respect on April 9. The rally opposes the attacks by politicians in authority in Toronto and the Ontario legislature against public sector workers. No workers deserve this abuse of their dignity. Toronto public sector workers are a valuable asset to the City of Toronto. The financial difficulties Toronto faces are not caused by city workers nor by public services. Workers and their allies throughout the province and country stand with them and demand that those in political authority stop these senseless attacks.

read more

Information Update #9 March 28, 2011

Parliament Hill May First -- Join Local 1005 USW!

Break New Ground to Defend the Rights of All!

We invite everyone to join us on May First on Parliament Hill to put forward the demands of workers in all sectors of the economy in defence of the rights of all. This is also an occasion to express support for our fellow workers in the United States, Mexico and the world over who are also being made to pay so as to permit an ever smaller number of monopolists to grow even richer. read more

Call for Action - May 1st Workers’ Day in Ottawa

On Sunday, May 1st join Steelworkers in Ottawa to celebrate the achievements of the labour movement throughout the world.

On January 29th the "Line in the Sand" was drawn by a Hamilton Day of Action that was a huge success for USW Local 1005. With the support of the entire labour movement, the stage was set for an epic battle against a huge multinational company, US Steel.

This "Line in the Sand" can not be moved back. Join us in May in Ottawa.

Letter from USW District 6 Director

Letter of support from Teamsters Canada Local 879

Information Update # 8 March 19, 2011

USW 1005’s Press Conference Opposes U.S. Steel’s Latest Provocation

On March 17 at 3:30 pm USW Local 1005 held a press conference to denounce the latest provocation by U.S. Steel to ship out the Coke made at the Hamilton Works. More than 150 workers participated in the Press Confer­ence which was also addressed by Mayor Bob Bratina.

Remarks by Rolf Gerstenberger, President of USW Local 1005

read more

Paying Attention to the Facts

Then & Now

On October 5, 2007, Gretchen Haggerty, Chief Financial Officer of U.S.Steel, in a letter to the editor to the Hamilton Spectator, under the title "Stelco's Pensions safe with U.S. Steel" stated: "We would like to clear up any confusion and relieve any concerns Stelco's employees and pensioners may have about the security of their pensions on the closing of our transaction to buy Stelco.... We want Stelco's employees and retirees to know that we understand the fundamental importance of sound pension funding. We have had a large defined-benefit pension plan for decades. We take our obligations very seriously and are proud of the fact that today that plan is fully funded. In fact, over the last four years, we have made over $700 million in voluntary contributions to that plan. We will honour our commitment to the Stelco pension plans. That is our history and track record...."

Now, the Hamilton Spectator (March 19,201) quotes Company spokesman Trevor Harris saying that   ".... (Local 1005)  union leaders continue to demand a contract settlement that would be hard for a healthier company than the former Stelco Hamilton plant to meet.

U.S.  Steel's Concern for the Economy - The Facts

See article in the Pittsburgh Business Times, Thursday March 17. "Citing the company’s improvement within a challenging economic environment, the United States Steel Corp. Board of Directors increased the total compensation of Chairman and CEO John Surma in 2010 by more than three times what it was in 2009, according to U.S. Steel's proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. read more

download here

Information Update # 7 March 14, 2011

U.S. Steel's Removal of Coke for Production to U.S.

Press Conference Thursday, March 17 @ 3:30 pm

USW Local 1005 Union Hall, 350 Kenilworth Avenue North

USW Local 1005 is calling a press conference on Thursday, March 17 to address reports indicating that U.S. Steel has ordered the freighters "Atlantic Erie" and "Laurentien," both owned by Canada Steamship Lines, to come to Hamilton beginning March 24 to load 44,000 tons of metallurgical coke. This Stelco produced-coke is normally completely consumed in steelmaking at Hamilton Works. There are some 200,000 tons of coke sitting in Hamilton with a sale value of some $60 million. read more

Information Update # 6 March 7, 2011

The Federal Budget -- Who Decides?

Oppose Government Cutbacks to Public Services and Privatization of Federal Assets Like Canada Post!

The federal budget which Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says will be tabled on March 22, among other things, is expected to follow through with the decision of the 2010 budget to cut program spending by $17.6 billion by March 2015 and "lead to a balanced budget" by that time. These cuts include a two-year freeze on salary and operating budgets "of all departments," a "strategic review of government operations" requiring all departments to assess their programs and identify five per cent of their lowest priorities and their "lower performing" ones, and the continuing review of government corporate assets, such as crown corporations, with three possible options: status quo, amendments or privatization. read more




Montreal's beloved six-piece, the United Steel Workers of Montreal, have wowed audiences from coast to coast with the infectious draw of their unique brand of blue-collar alt-country. A potent mix of blues, jazz, country and swing, The USWM’s live performances are filled out with dry wit, tall tales and some outright lies. Dancing is optional but hard to avoid. click here for more details

Information Update #5 February 22, 2011

May First on Parliament Hill

STOP Harper! Demand that Governments Uphold Public Right, NOT Monopoly Right!

On May First join USW Local 1005 and workers from all main sectors of Canada's economy to tell Harper with one voice that we oppose his government's program to pay the rich and trample the rights of the workers in the mud! The Rally and Demonstration on Parliament Hill on May First will express the workers' determination to resolve the crisis in favour of the people, not the monopolies. If a federal election is called at the end of March, the Rally will be an historic event. During a federal election the workers, irrespective of political affiliation, as the producers of the wealth and providers of the services Canadians depend on for their living, will be in Ottawa to directly speak in defence of their interests for the security of all. read more

When is a gentleman not a gentle man?

Hamilton Steelworkers' Opposition to Secret Negotiations

When is a gentleman not a gentle man? U.S. Steel CEO John Surma has accused USW Local 1005 of not being a gentleman. CEO Surma says that gentlemen keep negotiations for a new collective agreement "between us and them" and that "isn't always necessarily what they [Local 1005] do." read more